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Unveiling Literary Gems: Amazon Announces Winners of KDP Pen to Publish Contest 2024

In a celebration of literary excellence and self-publishing prowess, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) proudly unveils the winners of its fifth annual Pen to Publish contest. This prestigious competition recognizes the outstanding achievements of self-published authors across three languages: English, Hindi, and Tamil.

A Journey of Literary Excellence

The KDP Pen to Publish contest serves as a platform for aspiring writers to showcase their talent and share their stories with the world. This year’s contest witnessed an overwhelming response, with numerous eBooks submitted for evaluation by a distinguished panel of jury members.

Rigorous Evaluation Process

The jury panel meticulously assessed each submission based on a set of key criteria, including originality, creativity, and quality of writing. These criteria ensured that only the most exceptional works were selected as winners.

Celebrating the Winners

After careful deliberation, the jury panel selected 11 self-published eBooks as winners in each language category. The top three winners in each language received cash prizes, while the remaining eight participants from the top 11 were also recognized for their outstanding contributions.

English Language Winners

1. **Book Title:** The 1st Assassin: A Unit 22 Thriller
**Author:** Mainak Dhar
**Genre:** Society, Politics & Philosophy
**City:** Mumbai

2. **Book Title:** To Kill a Shadow
**Author:** Shalini Srinivasan
**Genre:** Mystery & Thrillers
**City:** Chennai

3. **Book Title:** The Last Dance
**Author:** Vishal Kalia
**Genre:** Romance
**City:** New Delhi

Hindi Language Winners

1. **Book Title:** Lucky Lottery Draw (Hindi Edition)
**Author:** Pradumn Rakesh Chourey
**Genre:** Literature and Fiction
**City:** Mumbai

2. **Book Title:** Ek Anokhi Kahani (Hindi Edition)
**Author:** Shweta Dwivedi
**Genre:** Science Fiction & Fantasy
**City:** Kanpur

3. **Book Title:** Yaadon Ka Safar (Hindi Edition)
**Author:** Amrita Singh
**Genre:** Romance
**City:** Bhopal

Tamil Language Winners

1. **Book Title:** பத்தாவது திசை: Pathavathu Disai (Tamil Edition)
**Author:** Dilip Narayanan
**Genre:** Mystery and Thrillers
**City:** Chennai

2. **Book Title:** கனவுகள் நனவாகும் (Tamil Edition)
**Author:** Janani Ramkumar
**Genre:** Romance
**City:** Madurai

3. **Book Title:** நேரம் ஒரு வட்டம் (Tamil Edition)
**Author:** Siva Kumar
**Genre:** Science Fiction & Fantasy
**City:** Coimbatore

Jury’s Perspective

The jury members expressed their admiration for the quality of the submissions, highlighting the passion and dedication exhibited by the authors. They emphasized the challenging task of selecting winners from such a talented pool of participants.


The KDP Pen to Publish contest has once again demonstrated the immense talent and creativity within the self-publishing community. Amazon KDP remains committed to supporting aspiring authors and providing them with the opportunity to share their stories with the world.