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Epic Games Unveils Self-Publishing Tools, Opens Store to All Developers and Publishers

**Date: March 9, 2023**

A New Era of Game Publishing

In a groundbreaking move that shakes the foundations of the gaming industry, Epic Games, the visionary force behind Fortnite and the Epic Games Store, has unveiled a suite of self-publishing tools and opened its digital storefront to all developers and publishers. This transformative decision marks a watershed moment, democratizing game distribution and empowering creators of all sizes to bring their games directly to a vast audience of eager gamers.

Accessibility and Openness: A Level Playing Field for Developers

The Epic Games Store, previously an exclusive platform for Epic’s own games and select third-party titles, has undergone a profound transformation. It now welcomes developers and publishers of all backgrounds and experiences, regardless of their size, resources, or prior publishing arrangements. This open-door policy levels the playing field, providing a gateway for indie developers, solo creators, and established studios alike to self-publish their games and reach a global audience.

Simplified Publishing Process: Streamlining the Path to Publication

Epic Games has meticulously crafted a streamlined publishing process that makes it easier than ever for developers to submit their games for distribution on the Epic Games Store. Gone are the days of navigating complex submission guidelines and enduring lengthy approval times. The new process is designed to be intuitive, efficient, and supportive, enabling developers to focus on their creative vision without getting bogged down in administrative hurdles.

Cross-Play Support and Age Ratings: Ensuring a Seamless and Responsible Gaming Experience

In recognition of the evolving landscape of gaming, Epic Games mandates cross-play support for all multiplayer titles released on the Epic Games Store. This forward-thinking approach ensures that players can seamlessly connect with friends and fellow gamers regardless of their preferred platform, fostering a more inclusive and vibrant gaming community. Additionally, developers are required to implement age ratings for regional distribution, adhering to local regulations and ensuring that games are appropriately accessible to players of all ages.

Epic Games Store Achievements: Unifying the Player Experience

To standardize the player experience and provide a consistent sense of accomplishment across different platforms, Epic Games requires games that feature achievements on other PC platforms to also enable Epic Games Store achievements. This cohesive approach ensures that players can track their progress, unlock rewards, and celebrate their achievements regardless of where they choose to play their games.

Revenue Sharing and Payment Options: Empowering Developers to Reap the Rewards of Their Success

Epic Games offers a competitive revenue share model that strikes a fair balance between the platform and the developers. With a 12% commission on game sales, developers retain a substantial 88% of their earnings, allowing them to reap the rewards of their hard work and creativity. Furthermore, developers have the flexibility to utilize their own payment solution or that of a third party, ensuring that they maintain control over their revenue streams and can keep 100% of the revenue generated from in-app purchases.

Submission Fee and Platform Statistics: Striking a Balance

The Epic Games Store submission fee per game is set at $100, aligning with the fee charged by its competitor, Steam. This fee serves as a nominal investment that supports the platform’s continued growth and development, ensuring a sustainable ecosystem for all stakeholders. The Epic Games Store has experienced remarkable growth since its inception, boasting over 230 million users on PC and witnessing nearly 700 million free games claimed by users in 2022 alone. These impressive figures underscore the platform’s popularity and potential as a lucrative marketplace for developers.

Continued Investment in Free Games: Providing Gamers with Unforgettable Experiences

Epic Games reaffirms its unwavering commitment to the Free Games program, a cornerstone of the platform’s strategy to provide users with access to a wide range of free titles. The company plans to continue investing heavily in this initiative, expanding its library of free games and enhancing the user experience. This commitment reflects Epic Games’ dedication to making gaming accessible to all and fostering a thriving community of gamers.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in Game Distribution

The launch of self-publishing tools and the opening of the Epic Games Store to all developers and publishers marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of game distribution. Epic Games’ bold move empowers creators of all sizes to bring their games to a global audience, fostering innovation, driving competition, and ultimately benefiting gamers with a more diverse and exciting selection of games to choose from. The future of gaming looks brighter than ever, with Epic Games leading the charge towards a more inclusive and accessible industry.