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**Navigating Amazon’s Flagging System: A First-Time Author’s Experience and Recommendations**

As a first-time author, publishing a book is a culmination of years of hard work, passion, and dedication. However, the journey doesn’t end with the launch; authors may encounter various challenges along the way, including dealing with copyright issues and Amazon’s flagging system. This article shares the experience of an author who faced such a situation, providing valuable insights and recommendations for authors navigating similar challenges.

**The Heart-Wrenching Email:**

Ten days after the launch of her book, “Release: A Woman’s Guide to Releasing Weight in Midlife Through Becoming Your Body’s Best Friend,” the author received a devastating email from Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). The email notified her that her book had been made unavailable for sale due to potential copyright infringement of one or more images. The author was given a strict deadline of five days to provide proof of usage rights.

**Navigating the Unknown:**

The author’s initial reaction was a mix of shock, disappointment, and frustration. As a conscientious author, she had taken all necessary steps to ensure that the images used in her book were free to use commercially. She had hired a professional cover designer, signed a contract granting her full rights to the intellectual property, and assumed that the designer had obtained the necessary rights to the image.

**Seeking a Resolution:**

Determined to resolve the issue promptly, the author embarked on a quest to gather the required proof of usage rights. She reached out to the cover designer, who initially failed to comply but eventually provided a link to Unsplash, the image source. However, Amazon deemed the provided documentation insufficient, leading to growing concern and uncertainty about the fate of her book.

**The Power of Collaboration and Persistence:**

The author’s relentless efforts paid off when she reached out to the photographer who owned the image. Despite having no direct benefit from helping her, the photographer kindly agreed to sign an official letter confirming the author’s permission to use the image on her book cover. This letter proved to be the crucial piece of evidence that Amazon accepted, resulting in the reinstatement of the book within 48 hours.

**Recommendations for Authors:**

Based on her experience, the author offers valuable recommendations for authors facing similar challenges:

1. **Respond Early and Often:**

– Engage with Amazon KDP promptly by responding to their emails as soon as possible. Each reply resets the five-day response deadline, providing more time to gather the necessary documentation.

2. **Prepare for Potential Challenges:**

– During the cover design process, obtain a form of image use permission that Amazon will accept. This can be an “Image Use Authorization” form that includes the photographer’s confirmation of ownership, permission to use the image for the book cover, and relevant details like the image title, URL, and reference number.

3. **Keep Communication Open:**

– Maintain open communication with Amazon KDP throughout the process. Provide regular updates on your progress in obtaining the required documentation. This demonstrates your commitment to resolving the issue and may expedite the process.


Navigating Amazon’s flagging system can be a daunting experience for authors, especially first-timers. By understanding the process, responding promptly, and gathering the necessary documentation, authors can overcome these challenges and ensure the continued availability of their books on Amazon. The author’s experience and recommendations serve as a valuable resource for authors facing similar situations, empowering them to navigate the complexities of copyright issues and protect their creative work.