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Welcome to KDP KIT

Have you had a hard time launching a new KDP book? Is it hard to get traction? KDP KIT will help you get launched and popular quickly. Don’t leave you’re Kindle Direct Publishing book to chance! Ensure success with the help Of KDP KIT!

How it Works

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Get Your Book Online

List your book on the Amazon KDP Dashboard.

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Make Sure You're Listed

Make sure your book is approved and listed online.

Pick the right promo plan

Pick the size of the audience you want to promo

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Watch Your sales Grow

Watch your book's rank and sales grow

With KDPKIT, you can quickly and easily market your self-published book. Our easy-to-use tools make getting your book in front of the right people easy and fun. You can also use our tools to make your marketing more effective and efficient.

1. Get your book in front of the right people quickly – KDPKIT makes it easy for you to market your self-published book.

2. Easily track your progress and results – With KDPKIT, you can see how your book is performing and make changes as necessary.

3. Get the most out of your marketing – With KDPKIT, you can optimize your marketing efforts for success.


What Makes Us Different?

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee that your book will increase in rank, or your money back

Super Fast Deployment

Your promotion will run in as little as 24 hours, and you will see instant results

Verified Amazon Shoppers

Majority of our shoppers are already shoppers with an Active Amazon account

It's a Win Win For all

Shoppers get discounted books and authors get their books noticed.

Looking to market your amazon kindle self-published book quickly and effectively? KDPKIT is the solution for you! With our easy-to-use tools, you can get your book in front of the right people in no time. With KDPKIT, you can get your book into the hands of as many people as you need, and you can even use it to promote your book on social media.

It's time
to grow

Sitting on the sidelines and failing to take action will be the biggest mistake of your book launch. Promote your book launch today and watch your sales and rank skyrocket!

We're ready to work for you!

If you don’t know where to get started, contact us for a custom KDP launch plan

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