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Gabriel García Márquez, Stephen King, and Elif Shafak: 45 of 2024’s Most Anticipated Books

As we bid farewell to 2023 and eagerly embrace the literary horizons of 2024, a dazzling array of books awaits our exploration. From the posthumous release of a lost novel by Gabriel García Márquez to captivating debuts from exciting new voices, this year promises an extraordinary journey through the written word.

Big Hitters

1. Gabriel García Márquez – Until August

In a literary event that has sent ripples of excitement through the literary world, Gabriel García Márquez’s “lost novel,” Until August, will be published posthumously. Written during his final years, despite his struggle with dementia, this novel stands as a testament to the enduring creative spirit of the Nobel laureate. His sons, Gonzalo and Rodrigo García, made the decision to release the manuscript, offering readers a glimpse into the mind of one of the greatest writers of our time.

2. Andrew O’Hagan – Caledonian Road

Andrew O’Hagan returns with Caledonian Road, a novel set in north London. This highly anticipated work delves into the rise and fall of a renowned academic, weaving together the lives of supporting characters in a tapestry of human experience. O’Hagan’s prowess for capturing the nuances of everyday life and exploring themes of loneliness and connection promises a poignant and thought-provoking read.

3. Colm Tóibín – Long Island

Colm Tóibín’s sequel to his acclaimed novel Brooklyn, titled Long Island, is sure to captivate readers. Eilis and Tony’s life in the US is disrupted by an unexpected event that draws Eilis back to Ireland. Tóibín’s ability to craft emotionally resonant stories and his exploration of the immigrant experience make this a highly anticipated release.

4. Percival Everett – James

Percival Everett, a prolific writer and recent Booker Prize nominee, presents James, a retelling of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn from the perspective of the enslaved character Jim. Everett’s unique voice and his exploration of racial injustice in America promise a powerful and thought-provoking novel.

5. David Nicholls – You Are Here

David Nicholls, known for his heartwarming and insightful storytelling, brings us You Are Here, a novel about two strangers taking a long walk across northern England. Nicholls’ skill in capturing the everyday and his exploration of themes of loneliness and connection make this a promising read for fans of contemporary fiction.

6. Elif Shafak – There Are Rivers in the Sky

Elif Shafak’s There Are Rivers in the Sky is a multi-century, multi-country novel that follows three outsider characters. Shafak’s ability to weave intricate narratives and explore cultural intersections promises a rich and immersive reading experience.

7. Ali Smith – Gliff/Glyph

Ali Smith’s Gliff is a unique project where a story is hidden within the book, leading to a sequel, Glyph, in 2025. Smith’s innovative approach to storytelling and exploration of different narrative structures make this a highly anticipated release for fans of experimental fiction.

8. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Dream Count

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s first novel in over a decade, Dream Count, is shrouded in mystery. Little is known about the plot, but it features four interconnected stories. Adichie’s reputation for crafting thought-provoking and socially relevant fiction has generated immense anticipation for this upcoming release.

Exciting Debuts

1. Kaliane Bradley – The Ministry of Time

Kaliane Bradley’s debut novel, The Ministry of Time, is a genre-bending romcom that blends historical and contemporary elements. It follows a Victorian polar explorer and a millennial civil servant in a unique and captivating love story.

2. Madeleine Gray – Green Dot

Madeleine Gray’s Green Dot is a sharp and darkly comic novel about a young woman’s messy life and relationships. Gray’s talent for crafting witty and relatable characters promises a refreshing and entertaining read.

3. Rebecca K Reilly – Greta and Valdin

Rebecca K Reilly’s debut novel, Greta and Valdin, is a story about two siblings navigating hopeless love lives amidst their eccentric family. Reilly’s exploration of family dynamics and the complexities of modern relationships makes this a promising debut.

4. Colin Barrett – Wild Houses

Colin Barrett’s Wild Houses is a crime caper set in a small Irish town. Endorsed by Sally Rooney, this debut novel promises an immersive and compelling storytelling experience.

5. Sinead Gleeson – Hagstone

Sinead Gleeson’s Hagstone is a novel that explores creativity, landscape, and folklore through an artist’s journey on a remote Irish island. Gleeson’s acclaimed background as an essayist and critic adds to the anticipation for her debut novel.

6. Lauren Elkin – Scaffolding

Lauren Elkin’s Scaffolding follows two couples living in the same Parisian apartment across different time periods. Elkin’s exploration of love, loss, and the passage of time promises a poignant and thought-provoking read.

7. Kaveh Akbar – Martyr!

Kaveh Akbar’s debut novel, Martyr!, is a story about an orphan searching for the truth about his mother’s death. Akbar’s poetic prowess and exploration of identity and loss make this a highly anticipated release.

8. Andrew McMillan – Pity

Andrew McMillan’s Pity is a novel that examines masculinity through three generations of a South Yorkshire mining family. McMillan’s exploration of class, masculinity, and family dynamics promises a powerful and moving read.

Female Voices

1. Kiley Reid – Come and Get It

Kiley Reid follows up her successful debut, Such a Fun Age, with Come and Get It, a campus novel that tackles financial anxieties and moral dilemmas among young women. Reid’s ability to create relatable characters and explore important social issues makes this a highly anticipated release.

2. Abi Daré – And So I Roar

Abi Daré’s And So I Roar features Adunni, the protagonist from her debut novel, The Girl with the Louding Voice. This sequel promises to continue Adunni’s journey and explore themes of women’s empowerment and resilience.

3. Sarah Perry – Enlightenment

Sarah Perry returns to historical fiction with Enlightenment, a story of love, faith, and astronomy spanning 20 years. Perry’s acclaimed novels The Essex Serpent and Melmouth have generated anticipation for her latest work.

4. Miranda July – All Fours

Miranda July’s All Fours explores the mid-life crisis of a 45-year-old artist. July’s unique storytelling style, known from her previous novel and films, promises a quirky and thought-provoking read.

5. Clare Chambers – Shy Creatures

Clare Chambers’ Shy Creatures is a novel set in the 1960s, focusing on an art therapist and her married lover. Chambers’ exploration of ordinary lives disrupted by unexpected events promises a poignant and moving story.

6. Rachel Cusk – Parade

Rachel Cusk’s Parade explores art, womanhood, and violence in a new narrative style. Cusk’s acclaimed Outline trilogy and innovative approach to storytelling have generated anticipation for her latest work.

7. Emily Henry – Funny Story

Emily Henry’s Funny Story is a romantic novel about two heartbroken strangers becoming roommates. Henry’s reputation for creating heartwarming and humorous love stories makes this a highly anticipated release.

Crime Stories

1. Tana French – The Hunter

Tana French’s The Hunter, a sequel to The Searcher, is set in a small Irish village. French’s acclaimed Dublin Murder Squad series and her ability to craft atmospheric mysteries make this a must-read for crime fiction fans.

2. Stephen King – You Like It Darker

Stephen King, the master of horror, returns with You Like It Darker, a short story collection exploring the disturbing underbelly of ordinary life. King’s ability to create suspense and evoke fear promises a thrilling read.

3. Stuart Turton – The Last Murder at the End of the World

Stuart Turton’s The Last Murder at the End of the World is a post-apocalyptic murder-mystery. Turton’s previous success with The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle has generated anticipation for his latest work.

4. Kate Atkinson – Death at the Sign of the Rook

Kate Atkinson’s Death at the Sign of the Rook is a new installment in the Jackson Brodie detective series. Atkinson’s ability to blend crime and character-driven storytelling promises a gripping mystery.

5. Richard Osman – New Crime Series

Richard Osman, the creator of the popular Thursday Murder Club series, is releasing a new crime series featuring a brand-new detective duo. Osman’s ability to create quirky and entertaining mysteries has generated excitement for this upcoming release.

6. Jonny Sweet – The Kellerby Code

Jonny Sweet’s The Kellerby Code is a crime novel praised as a blend of Patricia Highsmith and Donna Tartt. Sweet’s debut novel and the high expectations it carries make this a highly anticipated release.

Memorable Memoirs

1. Salmon Rushdie – Knife

Salmon Rushdie’s Knife is a memoir detailing the attack on his life and its aftermath. Rushdie’s resilience and his reflections on art, freedom of expression, and mortality make this a highly anticipated release.

2. Hanif Kureishi – Shattered

Hanif Kureishi’s Shattered is a memoir about adjusting to a new life after a debilitating fall. Kureishi’s exploration of identity, resilience, and the creative process promises a poignant and inspiring read.

3. Leslie Jamison – Splinters

Leslie Jamison’s Splinters is a memoir exploring motherhood, marriage, grief, and art. Jamison’s acclaimed nonfiction writing and her ability to blend personal experience and cultural criticism make this a highly anticipated release.

4. Roxanne de Bastion – The Piano Player of Budapest

Roxanne de Bastion’s The Piano Player of Budapest is a journey of discovery as she investigates her grandfather’s past through a cassette recording. The intersection of music, history, and personal identity promises a captivating memoir.

5. Ru Paul – The House of Hidden Meanings

Ru Paul’s The House of Hidden Meanings is a memoir recounting his life from growing up queer and black to becoming a drag superstar. Ru Paul’s influence on pop culture and LGBTQ+ representation makes this a highly anticipated release.

6. Kathleen Hanna – Rebel Girl: My Life as a Feminist Punk

Kathleen Hanna’s Rebel Girl: My Life as a Feminist Punk is a memoir from the frontwoman of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre. Hanna’s involvement in the riot grrrl movement and her impact on music and feminism make this a must-read for fans of punk rock and cultural history.

7. Neneh Cherry – A Thousand Threads

Neneh Cherry’s A Thousand Threads is a memoir reflecting on her life, music, and cultural influences. Cherry’s unique voice and perspective on music, fashion, and social issues make this a highly anticipated release.

New Non-Fiction

1. Kyle Chayka – Filterworld

Kyle Chayka’s Filterworld explores how algorithms are shaping our culture and narrowing our experiences. Chayka’s background as a New Yorker staff writer and his insights into the digital age make this a timely and important read.

2. Madhumita Murgia – Code Dependent

Madhumita Murgia’s Code Dependent examines the impact of AI on society through the lives of nine ordinary people. Murgia’s background as a Financial Times journalist and her focus on the human impact of technology make this a thought-provoking and insightful read.

3. Sathnam Sanghera – Empireworld

Sathnam Sanghera’s Empireworld explores the legacies of British colonialism around the world. Sanghera’s previous work, Empireland, was highly acclaimed, and his latest book promises to be an important contribution to the ongoing conversation about colonialism and its lasting impact.

4. Yuan Yang – Private Revolutions: A Coming of Age Story

Yuan Yang’s Private Revolutions: A Coming of Age Story is a look at modern China through the lives of four women in the 1980s and 1990s. Yang’s exploration of social change, gender, and individual agency promises a fascinating and insightful read.

5. Olivia Laing – The Garden Against Time

Olivia Laing’s The Garden Against Time is an exploration of gardens and their significance, starting from Laing’s own walled garden in Sussex. Laing’s ability to connect personal experiences with broader cultural and historical themes makes this a highly anticipated release.

6. Ann Powers – Travelling: On the Path of Joni Mitchell

Ann Powers’ Travelling: On the Path of Joni Mitchell is a journey through Mitchell’s life and career through her travels. Powers’ expertise as an NPR music critic and her passion for Mitchell’s music make this a must-read for fans of the legendary singer-songwriter.

7. Lauren Oyler – No Judgement

Lauren Oyler’s No Judgement is a collection of essays exploring the role of cultural criticism in modern society. Oyler’s reputation as a sharp and insightful literary critic makes this a highly anticipated release.

8. Maggie Nelson – Like Love

Maggie Nelson’s Like Love is a collection of essays on art and artists. Nelson’s ability to blend memoir, criticism, and philosophical inquiry makes this a highly anticipated release.

9. Deborah Levy – Upcoming Essay Collection

Deborah Levy’s upcoming essay collection is expected to be released in the autumn. Levy’s acclaimed body of work and her exploration of themes such as identity, loss, and female experience make this a highly anticipated release.

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