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Amazon Takes Action: Arbitration Complaints Filed Against Alleged Manipulators of Kindle Direct Publishing Platform

Unveiling the Scheme: Amazon’s Allegations

In a decisive move to protect the integrity of its Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform, Amazon has filed arbitration complaints against five individuals accused of manipulating the system for personal gain. These alleged violations range from creating fake reviews and manipulating book sales rankings to artificially inflating page reads on Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s subscription reading service.

Nilmer Rubio: Exploiting Kindle Unlimited

Among the accused, Nilmer Rubio stands out for his alleged scheme to artificially inflate Kindle Unlimited page counts. Amazon claims that Rubio approached KDP authors with a proposition: artificially inflate their page counts using multiple Amazon accounts in exchange for a 40% revenue kickback. This manipulation directly impacts author royalties, as page reads are a key factor in determining payouts.

Hydra Enterprises and The Learning Academy: A Review Manipulation Ring

Alexis Pablo Marrocco, through his company Hydra Enterprises, is accused of orchestrating a fake review operation for books published by The Learning Academy. Out of 956 reviews submitted for 12 books, Amazon’s investigation revealed that a staggering 769 were abusive or fake, leading to their removal. Despite Amazon’s actions, the alleged practice reportedly continued unabated.

Thomas Glenn’s Free Book Service: Inflating Rankings for a Price

Thomas Glenn, also known as Thomas Castillo or Thomas Glenn Castillo, is named as a respondent for his alleged operation of Free Book Service. This company is accused of offering KDP publishers a service to artificially inflate their ranking within Amazon Best Sellers, potentially misleading readers and distorting the platform’s credibility.

Amazon’s Demands for Justice

In response to these alleged violations, Amazon is seeking a combination of remedies through arbitration. For Nilmer Rubio, the company demands triple damages, to be determined during arbitration, and a permanent ban from using KDP. In the case of Hydra Enterprises, Amazon requests a permanent injunction prohibiting the firm from operating on its site and seeks approximately $430,000 in damages. Additionally, Amazon aims to terminate Thomas Glenn’s KDP operations and seeks triple damages not exceeding $75,000.

Amazon’s Statement: Protecting Readers and Authors

An Amazon spokesperson emphasized that only a small minority of KDP authors and publishers engage in fraudulent activities. The company’s actions are portrayed as a necessary step in protecting readers and authors from individuals who violate the terms of service and manipulate programs relied upon by both parties.

Conclusion: A Stand for Integrity

Amazon’s move to file arbitration complaints against individuals allegedly manipulating the KDP platform reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding the integrity of its publishing platform. Amazon’s actions serve as a stern warning to those seeking to exploit the system for financial gain, while also reassuring authors and readers of the platform’s ongoing efforts to protect their interests.


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