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Amazon Games Division Undergoes Second Round of Layoffs


In a move that signals a strategic shift, Amazon’s games division has announced a second round of layoffs, impacting approximately 180 employees. This decision comes just months after an initial restructuring in April 2024, which resulted in over 100 layoffs. The latest round of cuts underscores Amazon’s commitment to refining its experimental initiatives and refocusing its efforts on Prime Gaming, its flagship gaming subscription service.

Key Developments

Layoff Announcement

In a somber email to employees, Christoph Hartmann, Amazon Games’ Vice President, communicated the difficult decision to close two initiatives: Crown Channel, a cloud gaming platform, and Game Growth, a team dedicated to expanding the company’s gaming audience. The move is part of a broader reassessment of Amazon’s gaming strategy, with the company doubling down on Prime Gaming as its primary focus.

Continuing Review and Adjustments

Amazon Games has been conducting an ongoing review of its experiments, carefully analyzing customer preferences and market trends. The company’s internal studios continue to hire talented developers to create new intellectual property (IP) and deliver engaging gaming experiences. Meanwhile, Prime Gaming continues to secure deals with leading game publishers, ensuring a steady stream of free monthly games for its subscribers.

Vision and Resource Allocation

Amazon’s ultimate goal is to establish itself as a leading developer and publisher of high-quality games that captivate audiences worldwide. The company believes that by focusing its resources on this vision, it can create games that resonate with players and drive long-term success.

Previous Restructuring and Layoffs

April 2024 Restructuring

The current round of layoffs follows an initial restructuring in April 2024, which saw Amazon Games eliminate over 100 positions across Prime Gaming, Game Growth, and the San Diego studio. The cuts were part of a broader cost-cutting measure aimed at aligning the company’s resources with its strategic priorities.

Music Division Job Cuts

Just days before the games division layoffs, Amazon announced job cuts in its music division, affecting roles in the company’s audio streaming platform and digital storefront for songs. These cuts were separate from Amazon’s previous round of layoffs, which began in 2023 and affected 27,000 positions across various divisions.


Amazon’s second round of layoffs in its games division reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to refine its approach and focus on key initiatives. The decision to close Crown Channel and Game Growth and refocus on Prime Gaming highlights the company’s commitment to providing valuable benefits to its customers. As Amazon continues to review its experimental projects and allocate resources strategically, it aims to establish itself as a leading developer and publisher of high-quality games, delivering immersive experiences that captivate players around the world.