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Amazon’s Crackdown on Kindle Unlimited Authors Raises Concerns About Platform Fairness

In a recent wave of controversy, Amazon has taken down e-books from at least six self-published novelists, leaving them bewildered and financially vulnerable. These authors, who relied on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Select (KDP Select) platform for their livelihood, were shocked to find their books pulled from the Kindle store without a clear explanation.

Personal Accounts of Banned Authors:

  • Jason Cipriano (J.A. Cipriano):

A prolific self-published author with over 90 novels to his credit, Cipriano had sold over 143,000 copies of his books through KDP. This success allowed him to quit his job and pursue writing full-time. While vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, he received missed calls and messages informing him that his books had been removed from the Kindle store, and his ability to publish through KDP had been suspended. Despite reaching out to Amazon’s customer support, he has yet to receive a clear explanation beyond an assertion that he manipulated KDP services.

  • Michael-Scott Earle:

Earle, a writer of pulp fiction, science fiction, and fantasy novels for men, has authored over 45 books and sold approximately 300,000 copies. He received an email from Amazon stating that his KDP account was involved in “manipulation of KDP services including Kindle Unlimited.” Earle expressed frustration at the lack of communication from Amazon, as he received no phone call or email to discuss the issue before his account was suspended.

Amazon’s Response:

Amazon declined to provide specific reasons for banning these authors, maintaining that it takes attempts to manipulate its services very seriously.

The Kindle Direct Publishing Platform:

Launched in 2007, KDP has transformed the self-publishing landscape. It offers a vast marketplace for independent authors, with thousands flocking to the platform to publish books across various genres. Amazon provides authors with tools and services to support their self-publishing endeavors.

KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited:

KDP Select is a program that offers enrollment in Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library in exchange for book exclusivity with Amazon. Authors enrolled in Kindle Unlimited are paid differently than in the traditional book industry, receiving payments from a collective royalty fund based on e-book pages read rather than book sales.

Book Stuffing and Manipulation:

Some authors have engaged in “book stuffing” to manipulate the system and increase their earnings. This involves adding a “disruptive link” at the start of a book promising “bonus content.” Clicking the link jumps the reader to the end of the book, registering it as finished, even if only a small portion has been read. This practice violates Amazon’s publishing guidelines and can lead to account termination.

Authors’ Perspectives:

Authors like Cipriano and Earle, who deny engaging in such practices, face the prospect of their careers as full-time novelists coming to an end. They express gratitude to Amazon for providing the opportunity to self-publish, but they question the platform’s fairness and transparency in dealing with alleged misconduct.

Potential Consequences:

Authors who have been banned may struggle to find traditional publishing houses willing to work with them due to Amazon’s actions. They may also face difficulty in publishing on other platforms, as Amazon’s dominance in the online book market makes it challenging to reach a wide audience elsewhere.


Amazon’s crackdown on KDP Select authors raises questions about the platform’s fairness and the potential impact on the livelihoods of self-published authors. While Amazon has the responsibility to address manipulation and fraud, the lack of clear communication and explanation to affected authors has left them feeling frustrated and uncertain about their future prospects. The incident highlights the need for a more transparent and equitable system for self-published authors on Amazon’s platform.

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