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Amazon Forges Ahead in Ad Tech, Establishing Dedicated Publisher-Focused Team

Strategic Moves to Bolster Advertising Endeavors

In a bold move to accelerate its advertising revenue growth, Amazon is making strategic maneuvers to establish a dedicated ad product team specifically catering to publishers. This move aligns with Amazon’s broader efforts to bolster its advertising endeavors and solidify its position in the digital advertising landscape.

Introducing the “PubTech” Team

Amazon has embarked on an active recruitment drive for its newly formed “PubTech” team, a specialized division within Amazon Ads. This team’s primary mission is to construct an innovative supply-side platform (SSP), a software solution that empowers publishers to execute programmatic ad sales.

Crafting a Vision for Twitch’s Advertising Future

One of the job listings highlights the pivotal role of a principal product manager position at Twitch. This individual will be tasked with crafting a vision and strategy for the rollout of Twitch ad products utilizing PubTech. The successful candidate will be responsible for shaping the “new Amazon Ads Supply Side Platform.” Ideal candidates should possess both demand-side and supply-side platform experience.

Driving Innovation in Supply-Side Technology

Amazon is actively recruiting software engineers to join the PubTech initiative, emphasizing the pioneering nature of the program. This team is dedicated to innovating supply-side technology, paving the way for novel experiences for publishers in marketing video, audio, and display ads. Amazon is also seeking a role to oversee deals within the PubTech framework, facilitating marketplace collaborations between advertisers and publishers.

Enhancing Amazon-Owned Properties

The Amazon Ads team’s product development efforts are primarily focused on enhancing Amazon-owned properties such as Twitch, FireTV, and Freevee. While Amazon Publisher Services aids publishers in ad sales, its core focus remains on third-party publishers and those working with third-party SSPs.

Industry Expert’s Perspective

Ameet Shah, Partner and Global VP of Publisher Operations at Prohaska Consulting, applauds Amazon’s offerings, highlighting their success among publishers. He views Amazon’s current strides as an opportunity to fortify and expand upon the foundation that has already been laid.

Competition in the SSP Landscape

Amazon’s entry into the SSP market could intensify competition against the likes of Google, as well as third-party SSP heavyweights including Magnite, Pubmatic, OpenX, Index Exchange, and Microsoft’s Xandr. However, it is important to note that Amazon’s SSP is primarily designed for in-house properties rather than third-party publishers.

Diversifying Amazon’s Ad Tech Portfolio

Amazon’s $37 billion ad business is primarily anchored by search ads. However, this initiative underscores the company’s aspiration to cater more comprehensively to publishers. With a demand-side platform already in place, Amazon is actively diversifying its ad tech portfolio and positioning itself as a strong contender in the advertising landscape.

Conclusion: A Bold Move with Ambitious Goals

Amazon’s establishment of a dedicated PubTech team signals its commitment to bolstering its advertising endeavors and solidifying its position in the digital advertising landscape. While Amazon’s SSP is primarily designed for in-house properties, it could potentially pose a challenge to third-party SSPs in the future. Only time will tell the full impact of Amazon’s strategic moves, but one thing is clear: the company is determined to make a mark in the ad tech industry.