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Authors Amish Tripathi and Bhavana Roy Discuss Their Latest Book ‘Idols’, Co-Authorship, Spirituality, and More

Date: January 26, 2024

Time: 07:47 PM IST



– Amish Tripathi, Author
– Bhavana Roy, Author


Discussion on the book ‘Idols’ and other aspects of writing and spirituality

In this wide-ranging interview, acclaimed authors Amish Tripathi and Bhavana Roy engage in a thought-provoking conversation about their latest collaborative work, ‘Idols’, as well as their perspectives on writing, spirituality, and the ever-changing landscape of literature. The discussion delves into various facets of their writing journey, exploring the challenges and rewards of co-authoring a book, the profound themes examined in ‘Idols’, and the pivotal role spirituality plays in their lives and works.

Co-Authoring ‘Idols’: A Unique Endeavor

The conversation begins with an exploration of the impetus behind the decision to co-author a book and the unique dynamics involved. Both authors shed light on the challenges and advantages of working collaboratively on a creative project, emphasizing the importance of open communication, mutual respect, and a shared vision in ensuring a successful outcome. They also provide insights into the process of combining their individual writing styles and perspectives to create a cohesive and compelling narrative.

Thematic Exploration in ‘Idols’: Unveiling the Nature of Idolatry

Shifting the focus to their latest work, ‘Idols’, the authors delve into the central theme of the book, delving into the concept of idols and their profound impact on society. They discuss the exploration of various types of idols, encompassing political, religious, and cultural figures, and analyze the consequences of idolizing individuals or ideas, highlighting the dangers of blind devotion and the erosion of critical thinking.

Spirituality and Writing: A Profound Interplay

The conversation then turns to the role spirituality plays in the lives and works of both authors. They share insights into how spirituality influences their writing process and the themes they explore in their books, underscoring the transformative power of spirituality in enhancing creativity and providing a deeper understanding of human nature. They also discuss the ways in which spirituality can challenge conventional norms and inspire a more compassionate and meaningful existence.

Evolving Landscape of Literature: Embracing Change and Innovation

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the literary world, the authors examine the evolving landscape of literature in the digital age. They discuss the impact of technology on reading habits, publishing trends, and the discovery of new authors, acknowledging both the challenges and opportunities presented by the ever-changing landscape. They emphasize the need for authors to adapt to new platforms and technologies while preserving the essence and integrity of their craft.

Advice for Aspiring Writers: Navigating the Literary Journey

In a heartfelt gesture of support for aspiring writers, Amish Tripathi and Bhavana Roy offer valuable advice, drawing from their own experiences and insights. They emphasize the importance of perseverance, dedication, and continuous learning in the pursuit of writing excellence. They encourage aspiring writers to explore unique voices and perspectives, contributing to the diverse tapestry of literature. They also stress the significance of seeking feedback, embracing constructive criticism, and honing one’s craft through consistent practice.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Creativity and Collaboration

As the interview concludes, the authors express their gratitude for the opportunity to share their thoughts and perspectives with readers. They reiterate their excitement about ‘Idols’ and their hope that it will spark meaningful conversations and reflections on the nature of idolatry and the complexities of human existence. They also express their anticipation for future works, promising to continue challenging themselves creatively and contributing to the enrichment of the literary landscape.

This comprehensive interview offers a captivating glimpse into the minds of two accomplished authors, providing readers with a deeper understanding of their creative process, their perspectives on writing and spirituality, and their thoughts on the evolving nature of literature. It serves as an inspiration to aspiring writers and a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and the enduring human spirit.