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Students Turn to Clubs to Realize Creative Passions


At Arizona State University (ASU), students are blazing a trail of creative expression through book, video game, and writing clubs. These clubs offer a vibrant sanctuary where students can connect with like-minded individuals, delve into artistic discussions, and unleash their creative energies.

The Book Club at ASU:

Ella Smith, a junior pursuing biochemistry, founded the Book Club at ASU, fostering a love for literature among students. Meeting on alternating Tuesdays, the club dives into captivating novels chosen by its members, exploring genres like mystery, thriller, fantasy, science fiction, and romance. Members engage in lively discussions about their favorite characters, the author’s writing style, and their overall enjoyment of the book. Their current read, “The Paris Apartment” by Lucy Foley, has sparked intriguing conversations and kindled a shared passion for storytelling.

Video Game Club:

Carson Bidwell, a sophomore English major, ignited the Video Game Club’s passion for interactive storytelling and immersive gameplay. The club convenes every Monday, embarking on a journey into a meticulously selected single-player game each month. Their meetings, held in Tempe’s Durham Hall, resonate with animated discussions about the game’s narrative, character development, and the choices that shape the storyline. Bidwell believes that video games offer a unique immersive experience, where players’ decisions directly impact the game’s outcome, creating a captivating and dynamic adventure.

The Devil’s Inkwell Writing Guild:

The Devil’s Inkwell Writing Guild stands as a haven for aspiring writers, providing a supportive environment for members to hone their craft and share their literary creations. Led by President Isabella Hutchinson, the club meets every Monday at the Social Sciences Building, fostering an atmosphere of inspiration and collaboration. The club’s annual poetry slam in April showcases the members’ literary prowess, while their partnership with the Piper Center offers additional opportunities for growth and recognition.

City of Poets:

Zoey Kartchner, a junior English literature major, leads City of Poets, a club that embraces creative minds, particularly those drawn to the lyrical beauty of poetry. Gathering every Friday at the Memorial Union, the club members delve into poetic exploration, inspired by the works of renowned poets. Their current project, inspired by Italo Calvino’s novel “Invisible Cities,” challenges members to create fictional worlds manifested in various forms, culminating in a collective compilation of these imagined realms at the semester’s end. Caley Benson, the club’s social media specialist, emphasizes the club’s inclusivity, welcoming non-ASU members to join their creative journey.

Common Themes:

Escape from Everyday Routine:

In an academic world often dominated by textbooks and lectures, these clubs offer an escape from the rigors of daily student life. Reading, video games, and writing provide immersive experiences that transport students to different worlds, allowing them to momentarily set aside the pressures of coursework and explore the realms of imagination.

Building Community:

These clubs serve as beacons of community, fostering connections among students who share a common passion for creative expression. Members find solace and inspiration in the company of like-minded individuals, supporting and encouraging each other’s creative pursuits.

Creative Expression:

The clubs provide a platform for students to unleash their creativity, whether through the written word, the artistry of video games, or the evocative power of poetry. They offer a safe space for self-expression, allowing members to share their creations with others and receive valuable feedback.


At ASU, students have discovered a sanctuary for creative exploration through book, video game, and writing clubs. These clubs nurture a sense of community, providing opportunities for students to engage in thought-provoking discussions, share their artistic endeavors, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. They serve as a testament to the transformative power of creativity, igniting passions and enriching the university experience. As these clubs continue to flourish, they leave an indelible mark on the students who find solace and inspiration within their walls.