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Tellwell Publishing Acquires IndieMosh: Expanding Services for Australian Indie Authors


In a transformative move that reshapes the Australian self-publishing landscape, Tellwell Publishing, a leading Canadian publishing firm, has acquired IndieMosh, a highly regarded service dedicated to guiding and supporting indie authors in navigating the complexities of self-publishing. This strategic merger marks a significant expansion for Tellwell Publishing, promising Australian authors a more comprehensive platform to publish and distribute their literary creations.

Merger Details

The acquisition of IndieMosh by Tellwell Publishing was finalized in November 2023, enabling Tellwell to seamlessly integrate IndieMosh authors into its comprehensive publishing ecosystem. This merger brings together two entities deeply committed to empowering authors on their publishing journeys, resulting in a more robust and diverse range of services tailored to the unique needs of Australian authors.

Tellwell Publishing: A Brief Overview

Established in 2015 with a mission to simplify the publishing process for authors, Tellwell Publishing has made remarkable strides in supporting Australian writers since its expansion into the region in 2018. The company has played a pivotal role in the success of over 500 books and more than 4,000 titles internationally. Tellwell’s unwavering commitment to ethical business practices has been recognized, with the company being a finalist in the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Awards for Ethics in Business.

IndieMosh: Supporting Australian Indie Authors

Founded in 2009 by Jennifer Mosher, IndieMosh has been a steadfast advocate for Australian indie authors, guiding over 650 authors through the intricacies of self-publishing. The service has provided invaluable assistance in book coaching, editing, ghostwriting, design, marketing, and distribution, empowering authors to transform their stories into published works.

Expansion of Services

The merger of Tellwell Publishing and IndieMosh signifies a monumental expansion of services for IndieMosh authors. By combining their resources and expertise, Tellwell and IndieMosh will offer a comprehensive suite of services, including book coaching, editing, ghostwriting, design, marketing, and distribution. This expanded offering caters to the diverse needs of authors, providing them with a more holistic and supportive publishing experience.

Shared Ethos and Future Outlook

Tellwell Publishing and IndieMosh share a common ethos of supporting authors and their stories, fostering a vibrant literary landscape in Australia. Moving forward, Tellwell’s Founder and CEO, Timothy Lindsay, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with IndieMosh, emphasizing their shared commitment to promoting authors and strengthening the Australian literary scene.


The acquisition of IndieMosh by Tellwell Publishing marks a pivotal moment in the Australian self-publishing landscape. This merger brings together two entities dedicated to empowering authors, resulting in a more robust and diverse range of services for Australian indie authors. With Tellwell’s commitment to ethical business practices and IndieMosh’s dedication to supporting indie authors, this merger promises to revolutionize the self-publishing experience for Australian writers.