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BeaLu Books: Fostering Positive Change Through Impactful Literature

Tampa, Florida, Jan. 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

The Power of Literacy in Transforming Lives

Literacy holds immense power in positively transforming individuals’ lives. It offers opportunities for personal growth, societal progress, and a brighter future for all. Children who embrace literacy from an early age develop critical thinking skills, enabling them to analyze information and engage with the world around them. Through literature, children encounter diverse characters and stories, expanding their understanding of human experiences. This exposure fosters empathy and teaches them to relate to others, appreciating the similarities and differences that make communities vibrant and progressive.

BeaLu Books: A Catalyst for Positive Change

BeaLu Books, an independent children’s book publisher based in Tampa, Florida, recognizes the transformative power of literature. As a collective of readers, writers, artists, teachers, and learners, BeaLu aims to encourage curiosity and a love for learning, especially among children. The company seeks to catalyze positive change within communities and, by extension, the world. This mission reflects the philosophy of Luana Mitten, the driving force behind BeaLu.

Luana Mitten: The Driving Force Behind BeaLu

Luana, a dedicated educator with over a decade of experience teaching kindergarten and elementary children, recognized the significant role of literacy in her students’ lives. This realization inspired her to become a proficient writer. Under the guidance of a writing guru, Luana honed her writing skills and gained a deeper understanding of visual literacy. Subsequently, she authored professional books for educators and delved into educational consulting.

Leveraging her master’s degree in Reading Education from the University of South Florida and extensive experience in the publishing industry, Luana established BeaLu to create engaging and thought-provoking books that support and challenge readers of all levels. The CEO emphasizes the importance of avoiding unnecessary simplification of language for young readers, believing that children can tackle complex vocabulary with proper support. BeaLu’s books help children explore language and enjoy the reading experience.

BeaLu’s Unique Approach to Children’s Literature

When asked about how BeaLu fulfills its mission, Luana responded, “We’re committed to publishing works written by those who know children best—their peers and teachers. By doing so, we can guarantee that our publications resonate with young readers.” BeaLu amplifies new and often overlooked voices, deviating from the repetitive approaches of major publishers that might overshadow unique perspectives.

Led by Luana, the company unites educators, community members, and individuals of all ages to challenge readers with fresh narratives that captivate children’s interest and make them eager for more. Aside from publishing original works, BeaLu partners with other publishers to provide editorial and design support. Such collaborations further its mission to develop high-quality, impactful literature that educates, entertains, and inspires.

BeaLu’s Curated Collection of Diverse Titles

BeaLu has curated an impressive collection of diverse titles, each contributing to its mission of positively impacting children’s lives. One notable example is the book Micah the Mighty Marathoner, a collaboration with an extraordinary family. The series dives into the inspiring story of Micah, a middle schooler with a disability who participates in a marathon with the relentless support of his father. Through this series, BeaLu amplifies the voice of a family that aims to break down barriers of ableism.

Another standout series from BeaLu is the One Chance series by Sarah Frank. Sarah wrote the series’ first book in elementary school and is now a junior at Brown University, studying English. The series explores the journey of Rebecca, Nick, Sandy, and the other Questers as they undertake a special assignment to go to war and defeat Charles Moon. With the release of Three Quests, the culmination of the trilogy, the series illustrates not only the characters’ growth but also the author’s personal growth for almost a decade.

Sarah also wrote Cloudy Days: When Anxiety Hides the Sunshine, which teen artist Katie Bell illustrated. It is a picture book that addresses the theme of anxiety, a prevalent issue among children and adults. The story revolves around two friends, Tulip and Lily, navigating anxiety together. Luana shared, “It serves as an excellent conversation starter about anxiety. The book even has lessons and support for teachers, parents, and counselors included in the back.”

BeaLu is set to release another impactful book titled Bright and Beautiful, a collaboration with an animal rescue organization in Florida. It aims to instill in young readers a sense of responsibility toward animals. As its collection continues to grow, BeaLu Books remains committed to initiating collaboration with individuals and organizations to obtain diverse perspectives that will enable it to promote community-centric storytelling.

BeaLu Books: Enriching Lives Through the Power of Storytelling

BeaLu Books stands as a beacon of hope in the world of children’s literature. Through its dedication to publishing impactful works, the company catalyzes positive change and inspires young readers to embrace curiosity, a love for learning, and a sense of responsibility toward their communities and the world. BeaLu’s mission is not merely to entertain but to empower, to cultivate a generation of readers who are equipped with the knowledge, empathy, and critical thinking skills necessary to navigate the complexities of life. As the company continues to grow and expand its reach, BeaLu Books remains committed to fostering positive change through the transformative power of literature.

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