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Sister Detectives: A Bilingual Adventure for Young Readers

In the heart of Hadley, Massachusetts, a heartwarming scene unfolded one late afternoon in the children’s room of the public library. A small yet eager crowd of kids and their grown-ups gathered, their eyes shining with anticipation. The occasion was the reading of a new bilingual book, “Sister Detectives,” by two young authors, Emma Barrett and Belley Barrett, both students at the Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School in Hadley.

The Book’s Genesis

The idea for “Sister Detectives” was born out of a desire for bilingual children’s books that cater to young readers who navigate both English and Chinese languages. Recognizing the lack of such resources during the pandemic, Cindy Liu Barrett, the girls’ mother, encouraged her daughters to embark on this creative journey.

A Collaborative Family Affair

The Barrett family embraced the project with enthusiasm, turning it into a multi-generational endeavor. Emma, a sixth grader, took the lead in writing the English text, while Belley, a second grader, contributed the Chinese text. Their grandmother, Yen Liu, who works as a translator at Baystate Hospital in Springfield, played a crucial role by translating the book into Chinese.

Bilingualism: A Cultural Bridge

For Cindy Barrett, bilingualism holds a special significance. Growing up as one of the few Chinese students in her grade, she experienced firsthand the importance of preserving one’s cultural heritage. She ensured that her daughters were exposed to Chinese from an early age, fostering a deep appreciation for their roots.

A Trip to Taiwan: Embracing Cultural Heritage

In 2022, the Barrett family embarked on a dream trip to Taiwan, where Emma and Belley had the opportunity to connect with their relatives and immerse themselves in the vibrant Taiwanese culture. This experience reinforced their sense of belonging to both American and Chinese cultures.

The Publication of “Sister Detectives”

The publication of “Sister Detectives” marks a significant milestone for the Barrett family. The book features two versions, one with simplified Chinese characters (used in mainland China) and the other with traditional Chinese characters (preferred in Taiwan). Each page includes English text, Chinese text, and Pinyin, a system for pronouncing Chinese words.

The Reading at Hadley Public Library

The reading at the Hadley Public Library was a resounding success. Emma and Belley captivated the audience with their confident reading, switching effortlessly between English and Chinese. They shared their inspiration for writing the book and answered questions from the audience.

The Future of “Sister Detectives”

The Barrett sisters are already contemplating their next literary adventure. They hope to continue writing and illustrating books that entertain and educate young readers. Their dream is to inspire other children to embrace their creativity and share their stories with the world.


“Sister Detectives” is more than just a bilingual children’s book; it is a testament to the power of family, cultural heritage, and the joy of storytelling. Emma and Belley Barrett, with the support of their family, have created a literary gem that celebrates diversity, encourages exploration, and ignites a passion for learning.

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