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CreateSpace: A Guide to Its Legacy Role in Amazon KDP

CreateSpace, a beloved self-publishing platform, has played a pivotal role in the evolution of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Its legacy as a pioneer in print-on-demand publishing has left an indelible mark on the industry.

The Early Days of CreateSpace

CreateSpace emerged in 2005 as a subsidiary of Amazon, offering authors a revolutionary way to publish and distribute their books. It provided tools and services that empowered writers to create professional-quality print books without the hassle of traditional publishing.

Integration with Amazon KDP

In 2018, CreateSpace seamlessly integrated with Amazon KDP, further streamlining the self-publishing process. Authors could now publish and distribute both print and ebooks from a single platform, leveraging Amazon’s vast reach and distribution network.

Legacy of Innovation

CreateSpace’s legacy extends beyond its role as a self-publishing platform. Its innovations have shaped the industry, including:

  • Print-on-demand technology: CreateSpace pioneered print-on-demand (POD) publishing, enabling authors to print books as needed, reducing inventory costs and waste.
  • Expansion of distribution channels: CreateSpace expanded authors’ reach by partnering with bookstores, libraries, and online retailers, making their books accessible to a wider audience.

The Impact of CreateSpace on the Publishing Landscape

CreateSpace’s impact on the publishing landscape has been profound. It has empowered countless authors to take control of their work, publish their books independently, and reach readers worldwide.

  • Democratization of publishing: CreateSpace leveled the playing field for authors, allowing them to publish and distribute their books without the need for traditional publishing gatekeepers.
  • Increased accessibility: By making self-publishing accessible and affordable, CreateSpace has expanded the availability of diverse voices and stories.
  • Nurturing of emerging authors: CreateSpace has played a vital role in nurturing emerging authors, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent and build their readership.

CreateSpace’s Role in Amazon’s Publishing Ecosystem

CreateSpace’s integration with Amazon KDP has solidified Amazon’s position as a dominant player in the self-publishing market. By offering a comprehensive suite of publishing tools and services, Amazon KDP has become the go-to platform for authors worldwide.

  • Seamless publishing workflow: The integration between CreateSpace and KDP allows authors to seamlessly publish both print and ebooks from a single platform.
  • Expanded distribution channels: Amazon’s vast distribution network provides authors with access to a global audience.
  • Royalties and earnings: Authors earn royalties on every book sold through Amazon, giving them control over their earnings.


CreateSpace’s legacy as a pioneer in print-on-demand publishing and its subsequent integration with Amazon KDP have transformed the self-publishing landscape. By empowering authors, expanding distribution channels, and fostering innovation, CreateSpace has played a pivotal role in democratizing publishing and making it accessible to all.

The future of CreateSpace’s legacy lies in its continued integration with Amazon KDP. As the publishing industry evolves, Amazon KDP remains committed to providing authors with the tools and services they need to succeed.