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Self-Publishing Tools Launched by Epic Games Store for Developers


Epic Games has taken a bold step in empowering developers and publishers by introducing self-publishing tools on the Epic Games Store. This transformative initiative grants creators the autonomy to directly release their games and manage their store presence, unlocking new avenues for game distribution and accessibility to a vast audience.

Key Points:

1. Self-Publishing Accessibility:

– Developers and publishers can now directly release games on the Epic Games Store utilizing these tools.
– This self-publishing approach provides greater control and autonomy over the game release process, fostering creative freedom and tailored experiences for players.

2. Growing Audience Reach:

– The Epic Games Store boasts an impressive following of over 68 million monthly active users, presenting developers with a substantial and engaged gaming community.
– This expanded reach can contribute to increased visibility, player engagement, and potential sales, propelling games to success.

3. Essential Requirements for Game Publication:

– Games seeking publication on the Epic Games Store must adhere to specific requirements:
– PC crossplay must be enabled for multiplayer games, fostering inclusivity and expanding player pools.
– Epic Games Store achievements must be integrated, enhancing player experiences with in-game milestones and rewards.
– Age rating is necessary for regional distribution, ensuring appropriate content distribution and safeguarding players from unsuitable material.

4. Prohibited Content and Quality Standards:

– Certain types of content are strictly prohibited on the store, including hate speech, pornography, illegal content, and intellectual property infringement.
– Epic Games reserves the right to reject games that fall short of quality and functionality standards, upholding a consistent and enjoyable gaming experience for players.

5. Developer Portal and Revenue Sharing:

– The Developer Portal streamlines the self-publishing process, guiding creators through game submission, store management, and revenue tracking.
– Publishers receive a generous 88% of revenue from games sold through the store, incentivizing game development and rewarding creators for their efforts.
– An option to utilize a third-party payment solution is available, allowing publishers to retain 100% of in-app purchase revenue, maximizing their earnings.

6. Additional Epic Games News:

– Epic Games recently announced a $10 million prize pool for its FNCS Global Championship 2023 roadmap, demonstrating its commitment to competitive gaming and esports.
– The company settled with the FTC for $520 million over alleged privacy violations and unwanted charges, showcasing its dedication to addressing consumer concerns and upholding fair practices.


The launch of self-publishing tools on the Epic Games Store marks a pivotal moment for the gaming industry. Developers and publishers now have a direct path to reaching a large and engaged audience, while maintaining control over their games and revenue. This move by Epic Games further solidifies its position as a major player in the digital distribution landscape, fostering innovation, empowering creators, and driving the industry forward towards a future of boundless creativity and engagement.


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