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Epic Games Store Opens Up Self-Publishing to Developers, Encouraging Cross-Play

A New Era of Game Publishing

In a bold move that shakes up the gaming industry, Epic Games Store has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative: self-publishing. This monumental decision allows game developers to bypass traditional publishing routes and directly bring their creations to gamers worldwide. With this strategic shift, Epic Games Store sets its sights on becoming a formidable competitor to the long-reigning Steam, the gaming industry’s dominant distribution platform.

Cross-Play: Uniting Gaming Communities

Epic Games Store’s self-publishing policy comes with a remarkable requirement: all online multiplayer games must embrace cross-play functionality. This forward-thinking mandate ensures that gamers can seamlessly connect and compete with fellow players regardless of their preferred platform or storefront. Whether they’ve purchased the game via Epic Games Store, Steam, or another platform, gamers can now unite and forge unforgettable gaming experiences together.

The Benefits of Cross-Play

The introduction of cross-play is a resounding victory for gamers and the gaming community as a whole. This revolutionary feature expands the potential player base for developers, fostering inclusivity and diversity within the gaming landscape. By eliminating platform-based barriers, cross-play opens up a world of possibilities, allowing gamers to connect with friends, family, and fellow enthusiasts across different platforms.

A Shining Example: Arkane Studios’ Commitment to Cross-Play

Arkane Studios, renowned for their captivating immersive sims, has wholeheartedly embraced Epic Games Store’s cross-play vision. Their upcoming title, Redfall, will not only support cross-play on PC but also extend this functionality to Xbox consoles. This exemplary move aligns perfectly with Epic’s mission to create a more interconnected and immersive gaming ecosystem.

Epic’s Revenue Sharing Model: A Developer-Friendly Approach

Epic Games Store’s self-publishing initiative is further bolstered by its developer-friendly revenue sharing model. Developers seeking to self-publish their games on the platform are required to pay a one-time $100 fee, mirroring Steam’s policy. However, Epic takes a significantly lower revenue share compared to Steam’s standard 30% cut. Developers can retain a larger portion of their earnings, allowing them to invest more resources into game development and deliver exceptional experiences for gamers.

Steam’s Response: Adjusting the Revenue Sharing Landscape

In response to Epic Games Store’s aggressive move, Steam, the industry’s established giant, has re-evaluated its own revenue sharing strategy. In 2018, Steam implemented a revised revenue sharing plan, offering a more favorable split for top-selling games that surpass the $10 million revenue mark. This strategic adjustment reflects Steam’s recognition of the competitive landscape and its commitment to retaining its dominant position in the gaming distribution market.

Epic’s Year in Review 2022: A Celebration of Free Games

2022 marked a remarkable year for Epic Games Store, characterized by an unwavering commitment to providing gamers with a treasure trove of free games. Throughout the year, the platform generously offered 99 free games, amounting to an impressive total value of $2,240. This extraordinary gesture underscores Epic’s dedication to enriching the gaming experience and fostering a thriving community of gamers.

Owen Good’s Enduring Coverage of Free Games

Owen Good, a prominent gaming journalist and avid supporter of free games, continues his dedicated coverage of this exciting phenomenon. Each week, Good scours the gaming landscape to bring readers the latest news and reviews of free games, ensuring that gamers are constantly informed about the best free offerings available. His unwavering commitment to keeping gamers up-to-date on the free games scene makes him an invaluable resource for those seeking the best gaming experiences without breaking the bank.

The Future of Gaming: A New Era of Choice and Connectivity

Epic Games Store’s self-publishing initiative, coupled with its cross-play requirement and developer-friendly revenue sharing model, marks a pivotal moment in the gaming industry. This bold move challenges the established norms and sets the stage for a more open, accessible, and interconnected gaming ecosystem. As the industry continues to evolve, gamers can look forward to a future filled with choice, connectivity, and limitless gaming possibilities.

Call to Action: Embrace the New Era of Gaming

With Epic Games Store’s self-publishing initiative, the power of game publishing is now in the hands of developers. If you’re an aspiring game creator, seize this opportunity to bring your vision to life and connect with gamers worldwide. Embrace the cross-play revolution and open up your games to a vast network of players, fostering a truly immersive and inclusive gaming experience. Join the movement towards a more open and connected gaming future. The time is now.