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Amazon’s Kindle Storyteller Award Crowns Forsaken Commander as 2023’s Winning Title

Amazon’s Kindle Storyteller Award Crowns Forsaken Commander by G.J Ogden as 2023’s Winning Title

Date: November 13th, 2023

Location: Houses of Parliament, London, UK

In a prestigious ceremony held at the illustrious Houses of Parliament, Amazon’s Kindle Storyteller Award revealed its 2023 victor: Forsaken Commander, a captivating space opera infused with militaristic sci-fi, penned by the talented G.J Ogden. This momentous occasion was graced by esteemed bestselling authors and celebrity judges, including TV presenter Sue Perkins and Baroness Floella Benjamin, who unveiled the winning title to an eager audience.

The Winning Novel: Forsaken Commander

Forsaken Commander, the inaugural installment in The Aternien Wars series, seamlessly blends the thrilling elements of space opera with the captivating intricacies of militaristic science fiction. Drawing inspiration from the ancient myths and legends of Egypt, the novel propels readers into a captivating universe where Master Commander Carter Rose, a bio-engineered officer, valiantly leads the battle against a formidable post-human enemy bent on annihilating humanity.

The Author: G.J Ogden – A Journey from Aspiring Writer to Award-Winning Author

G.J Ogden, the mastermind behind Forsaken Commander, embarked on his writing journey relatively late in life, penning his first novel at the age of 40. Prior to that, he had dabbled in writing for his university magazine, but it was the milestone of turning 40 that ignited his passion and propelled him to transform his creative ideas into a tangible reality. Ogden wholeheartedly embraces the freedom and autonomy offered by self-publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), allowing him to oversee every aspect of the publishing process, from crafting the book cover to meticulously planning the marketing campaign. Since 2018, Ogden has prolifically published over 35 sci-fi books, captivating readers with his imaginative storytelling and captivating narratives.

G.J Ogden’s Reaction to Winning the Kindle Storyteller Award

Upon receiving the prestigious literary accolade, G.J Ogden expressed his profound astonishment and gratitude: “I am utterly astounded to have been bestowed with this year’s Kindle Storyteller Award! When I embarked on my indie author journey five years ago, achieving success seemed like a distant dream. However, KDP has empowered me to connect with and entertain countless readers worldwide, and now, this incredible honor! It serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities that lie ahead, and I am eternally grateful to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, not only for this prestigious award but also for being instrumental in transforming my dream into a tangible reality.”

The Esteemed Judging Panel: A Collective of Renowned Literary Experts

Alongside the esteemed Sue Perkins and Baroness Floella Benjamin, the 2023 judging panel comprised a distinguished group of literary experts, each contributing their unique perspectives and expertise to the selection process. The panel included Peter Gibbons, the triumphant author of last year’s Kindle Storyteller Award; Roz Morris, a renowned author and representative of the Alliance of Independent Authors; Lisa de Meyer, the Country Manager for Amazon UK Books; and Darren Hardy, an acclaimed author and Editorial Programmes Manager at Amazon.

Judges’ Commendations: Forsaken Commander’s Literary Brilliance

The judges’ comments resounded with praise for Forsaken Commander, highlighting the skillful integration of historical events into the narrative, propelling the reader through an enthralling plotline populated by meticulously developed characters. They noted the novel’s ability to evoke a profound emotional connection with readers, prompting empathy for the marginalized heroes of the first war. Ultimately, Forsaken Commander emerged as the unanimous choice for the coveted award, captivating the judges with its blockbuster potential and leaving them eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series.

Sue Perkins’ Perspective: A Captivating Sci-Fi Narrative

Sue Perkins, renowned TV presenter and esteemed judge, shared her thoughts on the winning novel: “I thoroughly relished reading the shortlisted books, but Forsaken Commander truly stood out as an exceptional work. Its timeliness and the intricate historical backdrop, presented in lucid prose, held my attention captive. While I don’t typically gravitate towards the sci-fi genre, this novel effortlessly drew me in, leaving me yearning for more installments in the series. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to G.J Ogden, and I eagerly await his future literary endeavors.”

Baroness Floella Benjamin’s Insight: A Thrilling Sci-Fi Epic

Baroness Floella Benjamin, a respected author and judge, added her perspective: “This year’s shortlist showcased a diverse range of captivating stories, each taking the reader on an exhilarating journey. Among them, Forsaken Commander shone as a beacon of excellence, embodying all the essential elements of a compelling science fiction epic. From the meticulously crafted world-building to the well-developed characters, this novel is a thrilling adventure that will resonate with sci-fi enthusiasts. I wholeheartedly congratulate G.J Ogden on this well-deserved triumph.

Background: The Kindle Storyteller Award – A Platform for Exceptional Independent Authors

The prestigious Kindle Storyteller Award, now in its seventh year in the UK, was conceived to recognize and celebrate exceptional works of literature in the English language, spanning various genres. Open to any English-language work published on Kindle Direct Publishing between May 1st and August 31st, 2023, the award offers a platform for independent authors to showcase their talent and connect with a global audience.

Darren Hardy’s Reflections: The Excitement of Discovering Hidden Gems

Darren Hardy, an accomplished author and Editorial Programmes Manager at Amazon UK, who had the honor of chairing the judging panel, shared his insights: “We were astounded by the incredible submissions we received this year. Narrowing down the thousands of entries to a shortlist, and ultimately selecting a winner, was an immensely challenging yet rewarding task. G.J Ogden’s winning novel captivated me from the very first page; its exceptional writing, captivating storyline, and well-developed characters set it apart. It is always a privilege to witness the talent nurtured by Kindle Direct Publishing, empowering authors to take charge of their publishing journey, from editing to marketing, while earning substantial royalties on their sales.”

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