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South African Author S.A. Lunamir Unveils Her Debut Novel “Traveling Monsters” – A Journey Through the Supernatural and Romance

From Inspiration to Publication: The Making of a Book

In the literary world, S.A. Lunamir, a South African author, has embarked on a captivating journey with her debut novel, “Traveling Monsters.” Published in the fall of 2023, this enchanting tale of paranormal encounters and romantic adventures was born from a unique travel experience. During a flight to Spain, Lunamir found herself seated next to a mysterious woman who remained silent and by her side throughout the journey. This intriguing encounter ignited the spark for a troll character in her upcoming book.

As her travels continued through Venice, Florence, and Rome, Lunamir repeatedly encountered the same couple, adding an element of curiosity and intrigue to her storyline. These real-life experiences served as the foundation for the narrative in “Traveling Monsters.”

Unveiling the Storyline: A World of Urban Fantasy

“Traveling Monsters” introduces readers to Scarlet, a protagonist who finds herself entangled in a supernatural realm while vacationing in Europe with her boyfriend, Juan. After encountering a troll, her life takes an unexpected turn. Set against the backdrop of urban fantasy, the novel explores themes of love, friendship, and the challenges of everyday life, all intertwined with paranormal elements.

A Nurtured Passion: The Path to Authorship

Lunamir’s journey to becoming an author was a gradual one. Having written on and off since junior high, she made a conscious decision in 2016 to see a project through to completion, starting with an epic novel. However, she realized that her initial concept was too ambitious for a debut book. Pivoting to urban fantasy, she found a genre that allowed for a faster pace and easier writing process.

Inspiration and Influences: Shaping a Writing Style

Lunamir draws inspiration from her favorite genre, fantasy, and authors like Robin McKinley, known for creating strong female characters. She strives to emulate this approach in her own writing, crafting believable narratives that captivate readers and make them question the boundaries of reality.

The Writing Process: Perseverance and Support

To develop her writing skills and refine her manuscript, Lunamir enrolled in Henry Marchand’s Novel-Writing Courses at Monterey Peninsula College. Through these courses, she received valuable feedback, workshopped her chapters in class, and gained the confidence to complete her novel. Despite the challenges of motherhood, Lunamir remained dedicated to her writing journey, knowing that she needed to keep pushing forward.

The Road to Publication: Overcoming Obstacles

After completing the sequel to her debut novel, Lunamir faced the task of finding a publisher. She navigated the world of literary agents, received rejections, and experienced the highs and lows of the publishing process. However, she remained resilient, determined to bring her story to life.

A Thrilling Debut: Unveiling “Traveling Monsters”

With the publication of “Traveling Monsters,” Lunamir invites readers to embark on a thrilling adventure filled with supernatural encounters, relatable characters, and a touch of romance. The novel’s red cover adds a festive touch, making it an ideal read for Valentine’s Day. Lunamir’s writing journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, creativity, and the transformative nature of travel experiences.