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# Saiswaroopa Iyer: A Journey from Imagination to Publication

In the realm of literature, imagination reigns supreme, serving as the lifeblood of captivating stories that transport readers to different worlds and perspectives. Saiswaroopa Iyer, an investment analyst turned author, holds imagination in high regard, believing it is akin to worship for writers. Her literary journey began with a passion for historical stories, eventually leading her to explore the depths of self-publishing and achieve remarkable success.

## Imagination as Inspiration

Growing up, Saiswaroopa’s parents instilled in her a love for historical tales, particularly those rooted in ancient mythology. The allure of storytelling captivated her, and as the eldest among her cousins, she naturally embraced the role of the storyteller. Her childhood was filled with creative retellings of Puranic stories, sparking an enduring fascination with ancient mythology.

When Saiswaroopa embarked on her writing journey, it was no surprise that she gravitated towards the realm of mythology. She found inspiration in the timeless wisdom and profound insights embedded within these ancient narratives. “Indian mythology is very realistic from the point of view of philosophy, science, and the way life was during those days,” she explains. “It’s a timeless reality that resonates with me at all levels.”

## Diving into Self-Publishing

Saiswaroopa’s literary aspirations took a significant turn when she decided to venture into self-publishing. Her initial attempts at traditional publishing proved challenging, as she faced pressure from a literary agent to alter her story to the point where it no longer felt authentically hers. Determined to retain creative control over her work, she embraced self-publishing as a means of preserving her unique voice and vision.

Through self-publishing, Saiswaroopa gained complete ownership of her content, allowing her to make decisions regarding cover design, editing, pricing, and platform placement. This newfound independence empowered her to bring her stories to life on her own terms.

## The KDP Platform: A Gateway to Success

Saiswaroopa’s partnership with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) proved to be a pivotal moment in her writing career. The platform provided her with a launchpad to share her stories with a global audience. She has published three books on KDP: Abhaya, Avishi, and Mauri, with her fourth book, Draupadi, traditionally published by Rupa Publications and also available in Kindle format.

One of the key advantages Saiswaroopa highlights about KDP is the visibility it offers to independent authors. The platform’s promotional tools helped increase the exposure of her book Avishi, eventually leading to the sale of screen adaptation rights.

## Avishi: A Reimagined Tale of Strength and Resilience

Through Avishi, Saiswaroopa reimagined the story of Vishpala, a warrior queen mentioned in the Rig Veda. This remarkable queen, despite losing a limb, fearlessly entered battle with a prosthetic leg. Saiswaroopa delved deep into early Vedic society to craft a compelling narrative that resonated with readers.

The book garnered significant buzz on social media, with readers eagerly engaging with the story and sharing their thoughts and reviews. The positive reception of Avishi reinforced Saiswaroopa’s belief in the power of self-publishing and the opportunities it presents to aspiring authors.

## Global Reach and Diverse Opportunities

Saiswaroopa’s books have found readers in over eight countries worldwide, demonstrating the global reach and impact of KDP. This success has also opened up additional avenues for her, including traditional publishing opportunities.

## Embracing the Authorpreneur Spirit

Saiswaroopa emphasizes the importance of authors understanding the various rights associated with their books, such as digital rights, translation rights, and screen adaptation rights. She encourages authors to leverage these rights strategically to maximize their potential benefits.

As a mother, writer, and researcher, Saiswaroopa skillfully manages her busy schedule, finding joy in the creative process and the challenges that come with it. She advocates for the work-life balance that KDP offers, allowing authors to maintain control over their publishing schedule while pursuing other responsibilities.

## Advice for Budding Authors

Saiswaroopa offers valuable advice to aspiring authors eager to share their work with the world. She highlights the importance of embracing the feedback received from readers and using it to refine their writing and storytelling skills. She also encourages authors to take advantage of the vast opportunities provided by Amazon KDP, which offers a global platform for showcasing their stories to a diverse audience.

## Conclusion

Saiswaroopa Iyer’s journey from imagination to publication is a testament to the transformative power of self-publishing and the opportunities it offers to aspiring authors. Her passion for storytelling, combined with her strategic approach to self-publishing, has led her to achieve remarkable success. Saiswaroopa’s story serves as an inspiration to writers everywhere, demonstrating that with determination, creativity, and the right platform, anyone can turn their literary dreams into reality.