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Mattel Ditches the Toybox, Dives Headfirst into Mobile Gaming

Hold onto your hats, gamers! Mattel, the company that brought you Barbie, Hot Wheels, and countless childhood memories, is about to shake up the mobile gaming world. In a bombshell interview with GamesBeat earlier this year, Mike DeLaet, Mattel’s head honcho of digital gaming, dropped a major truth bomb: Mattel is going all-in on self-publishing mobile games.

That’s right, folks. No more just lending out their iconic brands to other game devs. Mattel’s taking the wheel and stepping into the digital arena themselves. This is a HUGE power move for the toy titan, signaling a major shift in strategy and a clear commitment to conquering the mobile gaming landscape.

From Toy Aisle to App Store: Mattel’s Self-Publishing Power Play

So, what exactly does Mattel’s self-publishing adventure entail? Well, get ready for a whole lotta awesome, cuz they’re planning to develop and release a bunch of mobile games completely in-house. Think of it as Mattel creating its own digital playground.

But hold your horses, it’s not a total solo mission. DeLaet stressed that Mattel is all about that “co-development” life. They’re planning to team up with some seriously talented external studios, bringing together the best of both worlds. And the best part? Mattel’s footing the bill for everything—development, marketing, you name it. Talk about a sweet deal for both parties!

This whole self-publishing thing doesn’t mean Mattel is ditching its BFFs in the gaming industry, though.

Partners in Crime: Mattel’s Balancing Act Between Self-Publishing and Strategic Alliances

Don’t worry, Mattel isn’t about to ghost its current partners. DeLaet knows that teamwork makes the dream work, which is why this self-publishing thing is more like adding another tool to their already stacked gaming arsenal.

They’re still super tight with NetEase, their partner-in-crime for their joint venture, Mattel . And let’s not forget about all those licensing agreements they’ve got going on with other game devs. Mattel’s not about to mess with a good thing!

Even DeLaet admits that self-publishing has its limits. He’s keeping it real, saying that licensing will still be their go-to for most of their game projects. It’s all about finding that perfect balance, you know?

Mobile First, World Domination Later: Mattel’s Game Plan

For now, Mattel’s laser-focused on conquering the mobile gaming scene. And honestly, can you blame them? Everyone and their grandma has a smartphone these days, making it the perfect battleground to unleash their gaming goodness upon the world.

But DeLaet’s got his sights set on bigger and better things. He’s dropped some not-so-subtle hints about expanding to other platforms down the line. And fam, when DeLaet hints, we listen!

  • Roblox: Remember that game that’s like digital LEGO on steroids? Yeah, Mattel’s been eyeing that bad boy for a while now. With a gazillion users and endless creative possibilities, it’s like a goldmine for these toy titans.
  • Unreal Editor for Fortnite: Okay, hear me out on this one. Fortnite’s not just a game, it’s a whole vibe. And Mattel knows it. Imagine a world where you can race Hot Wheels on custom-built Fortnite tracks or strut your stuff in a Barbie fashion show. Game. Changer.

A Toybox Full of Possibilities: Mattel’s Brand Powerhouse

Let’s be real, one of Mattel’s biggest strengths lies in its arsenal of iconic brands. I mean, we’re talking household names here, folks! From Barbie to Hot Wheels to Uno and even Bob the Builder, Mattel’s got a brand for every age, every interest, every type of human on this planet.

Imagine the possibilities! High-octane Hot Wheels racing games that’ll make your heart race, fashion-forward Barbie adventures that let you live your best digital life, or mind-bending Uno battles that’ll push your strategic skills to the limit. And hey, maybe even a Bob the Builder game where you can, like, build stuff? The possibilities are literally endless!

Collage of Mattel brands including Barbie, Hot Wheels and Uno

Game On: The Future of Mattel and Mobile Gaming

Mattel’s grand entrance into the self-publishing arena is a pretty big deal, guys. It shows they’re not messing around. They’re here to play, and they’re aiming for the top. With their killer combo of legendary brands and a “go big or go home” attitude, Mattel’s poised to shake up the mobile gaming scene in a major way.

Will they succeed? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: things are about to get a whole lot more interesting in the world of mobile gaming. So buckle up, gamers, and get ready for the ride. Mattel’s just getting started!