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Mayor Adams’s Fictional Autobiography: A Saga of Fabrication and Mystery

In a shocking turn of events, New York City Mayor Eric Adams made a startling admission during a recent press briefing, casting a shadow of doubt over his previously published autobiography, “Don’t Let It Happen.” The mayor’s denial of the book’s existence and subsequent contradictory statements have ignited a media frenzy, leaving the public perplexed and raising questions about the true authorship of the controversial tome.

A Press Briefing Gone Awry: Adams Denies His Own Book

During a routine press briefing on Monday afternoon, Mayor Adams emphatically denied the existence of his 2009 self-help book, “Don’t Let It Happen,” claiming that it never went into print due to a lack of proofreading. However, reporters present at the briefing held bound copies of the book in their hands, readily available for purchase on Amazon and This blatant contradiction between Adams’s words and the physical evidence left journalists and the public alike bewildered.

Unveiling “Don’t Let It Happen”: A Book Fraught with Contradictions

“Don’t Let It Happen,” self-published by Xulon Press, purports to offer life advice gleaned from Adams’s experiences as a police officer and youth. However, the book contains several questionable claims and inconsistencies, including an incident where Adams recounts firing a gun at school as a child—an event he later denied during the press conference. Adding to the enigma, the book’s cover depicts a lunchbox containing a banana, a handgun, a bag of cocaine, and a small bag of pretzels, raising eyebrows and sparking speculation about its intended message.

Adams’s Shifting Explanations: A History of Untruths?

Mayor Adams has a history of making questionable claims and offering unconvincing explanations. In the past, he has asserted that he keeps a photo of a dead police officer in his wallet, a claim that was later disputed. He has also claimed to lead a vegan lifestyle, yet has been spotted eating fish on several occasions. These inconsistencies have led many to question the mayor’s truthfulness and credibility, further fueling the intrigue surrounding his autobiography.

The Enigmatic Ghostwriter: Unraveling the Mystery

Adding to the intrigue, the uncredited co-author of “Don’t Let It Happen” remains shrouded in mystery. Potential suspects have been proposed, ranging from celebrities like Steve Harvey and Lena Dunham to politicians like Bill De Blasio and even Hunter Biden. The mayor’s press team has remained tight-lipped about the ghostwriter’s identity, further fueling speculation and casting doubt on Adams’s involvement in the book’s creation.

Occam’s Razor: Seeking the Simplest Explanation

Despite the complex web of intrigue surrounding the book, the simplest explanation may be that Adams himself wrote it, despite his denial. The mayor’s motivation for fabricating the book’s existence and his subsequent statements remain unclear, leaving the public to ponder the reasons behind this elaborate deception. The mystery of the ghostwriter and the mayor’s involvement in the book continues to perplex observers, raising questions about the integrity of public figures and the accuracy of their public statements.

Conclusion: A Saga of Deception and Doubt

Mayor Adams’s false statement regarding his autobiography and the enigma of the ghostwriter have cast a shadow over his administration, raising questions about his integrity and the accuracy of his public statements. The case of the unverified autobiography highlights the importance of truthfulness in public discourse and the need for transparency in the conduct of public officials. The investigation into the book’s authorship is ongoing, with many awaiting the resolution of this literary mystery that has captivated the city and beyond.