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Meghan’s Memoir: Will It Be More Damaging Than Harry’s?

Meghan Markle’s Memoir: Predictions and Potential Impact


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is reportedly planning to write her memoirs, following in the footsteps of her husband, Prince Harry, whose memoir, “Spare,” generated significant controversy and discussion. However, royal experts and commentators have expressed skepticism about the reception of Meghan’s memoir, citing the public’s growing weariness with the Sussexes’ constant revelations and controversies.

The Potential Impact of Meghan’s Memoir

Lady Colin Campbell, a royal author, shared her concerns about the potential impact of Meghan’s memoir, stating that it could be “far more damaging” than Prince Harry’s. She attributed this to the public’s negative perception of the Sussexes, fueled by their perceived antics and lies. Lady Colin Campbell also predicted that Meghan’s memoir would not be as successful as Prince Harry’s, pointing to the poor sales of Omid Scobie’s “Endgame,” a book about the Sussexes.

Contributing Factors to the Public’s Fatigue with Sussex Tell-Alls

Royal expert Phil Dampier echoed these sentiments, highlighting the public’s fatigue with Sussex tell-alls. He noted that the saturation of books and media coverage focused on the Sussexes has led to a decline in interest and enthusiasm among the public. This fatigue is compounded by the fear that any private communications or discussions with the Sussexes could end up being revealed in future books, hindering reconciliation efforts between them and the royal family.

The Possibility of a Sequel to Prince Harry’s Memoir

Despite the skepticism surrounding Meghan’s memoir, there is speculation that Prince Harry may also be planning a sequel to “Spare.” Royal author Robert Hardman observed that Prince Harry omitted significant portions of recent events in his memoir, suggesting the possibility of a follow-up book or even a memoir by Meghan in the future.


The potential for Meghan’s memoir to be more damaging than Prince Harry’s, coupled with the public’s fatigue with Sussex tell-alls, raises concerns for the royal family. The uncertainty surrounding the Sussexes’ future relationship with the royal family is further complicated by the possibility of additional books and revelations.