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## Self-Published Authors See Substantial Income Increase in 2022, Surpassing Traditionally Published Authors: ALLi Survey Reveals

### Introduction: Reshaping the Publishing Landscape

In a dramatic shift that is reshaping the publishing industry, self-published authors experienced a remarkable surge in income in 2022, surpassing the earnings of their traditionally published counterparts, according to a groundbreaking survey conducted by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). This compelling study provides irrefutable evidence of the growing financial viability and prominence of self-publishing, challenging long-held assumptions about authorship and income potential.

### Key Findings: A Shift in the Financial Landscape

The ALLi survey, meticulously conducted in 2023, gathered insights from approximately 2,200 independent authors across major English-speaking countries, with a significant portion hailing from the United States. The findings paint a compelling picture of self-published authors’ financial trajectory, revealing a substantial increase in income compared to their traditionally published counterparts.

#### 1. Median Income Surge:

The survey unveils a remarkable 53% increase in the median income of self-published authors in 2022 compared to 2021, reaching an impressive $12,749. This surge surpasses the median income reported by authors published by traditional houses, underscoring the growing financial viability of self-publishing.

#### 2. Average Income Growth:

The average income of self-published authors also experienced a significant boost, rising by 34% in 2022 to reach $82,600. This substantial growth highlights the potential for self-published authors to achieve financial success and sustainability.

#### 3. Outlier Impact on Income Distribution:

The discrepancy between the median and average author income is attributed to outliers on both ends of the earning spectrum. While some self-published authors generated substantial incomes, a sizable portion had yet to start earning from their writing or earned relatively modest amounts.

#### 4. Income Distribution:

The survey reveals a diverse income distribution among self-published authors. Nearly a quarter had not yet generated income from their writing, while 28% earned over six figures. Almost half of the respondents (43.8%) reported income exceeding $20,000.

### Notable Trends: Embracing Self-Publishing

The ALLi survey also sheds light on emerging trends and patterns within the self-publishing landscape, providing valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of authorship and readership.

#### 1. Rising Interest in Self-Publishing:

The survey indicates a sustained interest in self-publishing, with 25% of respondents releasing their first book in 2020 and 60% publishing their debut work between 2015 and 2022. This growing adoption of self-publishing underscores its increasing acceptance and viability as a publishing pathway.

#### 2. Prolific Authors:

Many self-published authors are prolific writers, demonstrating a remarkable dedication to their craft. Over half of the respondents had published more than 10 books, and 20% had released over 30 titles. This productivity highlights the commitment and perseverance required to succeed as an independent author.

#### 3. Genre Popularity:

Romance, fantasy/sci-fi/speculative, and crime/thriller/detective genres emerged as the most popular among self-published authors, collectively representing 57% of all respondents. This reflects the enduring appeal of these genres and their ability to captivate readers.

### Conclusion: A Call for Inclusivity and Recognition

The findings of the ALLi survey underscore the growing financial success and prominence of self-published authors, challenging traditional publishing norms and demonstrating the viability of independent authorship. The survey also highlights the need for the literary establishment to recognize and embrace self-published authors, ensuring their inclusion in initiatives, events, and opportunities.

ALLi’s director, Orna Ross, expresses her hope that the survey results will inspire authors to pursue self-publishing as a viable career path, emphasizing the potential for financial success and creative control. Melissa Addey, ALLi’s campaigns manager, calls for the literary establishment to wake up to the realities of modern authorship and to do right by all authors, regardless of their publishing route.