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Bloggers Reap Six-Figure Income through Self-Publishing on Substack

In the dynamic digital landscape, the traditional media landscape is undergoing a transformation. Substack, an online platform, is empowering writers to forge direct connections with readers, bypassing traditional publishing routes and unlocking substantial financial rewards. This article delves into the rise of Substack, showcasing the remarkable success stories of bloggers who have achieved financial success through self-publishing on the platform.

Substack: A Platform for Independent Writers

Founded in 2017, Substack is an online platform that empowers writers to establish their own subscription businesses. Its unique model enables writers to set subscription fees, retain creative control, and build direct relationships with their readers. Substack’s revenue-sharing model allocates 90% of subscription revenue to the writer and 10% to Substack.

Success Stories of Substack Writers

British Writers’ Success:

British writers have found notable success on Substack. Culture journalist Emma Gannon and historian Ed West are among the prominent figures who have achieved financial success through the platform. Both Gannon and West reportedly earn over £100,000 annually from their subscribers.

Nicola Lamb’s Journey:

Nicola Lamb, a pastry chef, quit her full-time job to focus on her Substack newsletter dedicated to food and travel. Her dedication and engaging content have garnered a loyal subscriber base, allowing her to pursue her passion full-time.

Dominic Cummings’ Influence:

Former No. 10 adviser Dominic Cummings, known for his role in British politics, has also joined the Substack platform. He charges £10 monthly for full access to his thoughts and musings, attracting a substantial subscriber base.

The New Breed of Substack Creators

Political Insiders and Experts:

Substack has become a platform for political insiders, experts, and journalists to share their insights and perspectives. The platform’s subscription model allows these individuals to monetize their expertise and reach a targeted audience.

Local Journalism Revival:

Joshi Herrmann, a former Evening Standard journalist, launched The Mill, a Substack site covering Manchester news. Herrmann’s commitment to quality journalism and reinvesting profits into local journalists has earned him success and recognition.

Financial Rewards for Substack Writers

Top Earning Substack Newsletters:

Analysis reveals that top-earning Substack newsletters generate substantial revenue from their massive subscription numbers. Letters From An American, founded by Chris Best, Jairaj Sethi, and Hamish McKenzie, reportedly earns over £4 million annually from subscriptions.

Potential for Financial Stability:

Substack’s revenue-sharing model allows writers to earn a significant portion of subscription revenue. With a dedicated subscriber base, writers can potentially generate enough income to make their newsletter their full-time job.

Substack’s Impact on the Writing Industry

Direct Connection with Readers:

Substack facilitates a direct connection between writers and their readers, fostering a sense of community and loyalty. Writers can engage with their subscribers, respond to comments, and build a dedicated audience.

Creative Freedom and Control:

Substack empowers writers with creative control over their content, allowing them to express themselves freely without editorial interference. Writers can set their own subscription fees and determine the frequency and format of their publications.


In a rapidly changing media landscape, Substack has emerged as a game-changer for writers. Its subscription model has enabled bloggers, journalists, and experts to monetize their work, build loyal audiences, and achieve financial stability. As Substack continues to evolve, it is likely to play an increasingly prominent role in the future of digital publishing.