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Title: Index Cards, Outlines, Daily Word Counts, and Pilot Vball Pens: Tools and Routines for Effective Writing


In the realm of sports, athletes meticulously adhere to specific routines on game day, ensuring they are primed to perform at their peak. Similarly, writers have their own unique tools and routines that help them tap into their creative flow and produce their best work. From index cards and outlines to daily word counts and preferred writing instruments, these elements play a crucial role in the writing process.

Unveiling Ashley Elston’s Method

Ashley Elston, author of the Reese-endorsed thriller “First Lie Wins,” employs a captivating method to keep track of her novel’s progress. As she nears the end of her first draft, Elston unrolls a six-foot sheet of brown butcher paper, transforming it into a visual representation of her story. Using large sticky notes, she briefly summarizes each chapter, creating a tangible roadmap for her narrative.

Elston’s Thought Process

Elston’s unique approach underscores the importance of organization and clarity in storytelling. By physically mapping out her story on a large sheet of paper, she can step back and analyze its structure, identify plot holes or inconsistencies, and experiment with different story structures and creative solutions.

Benefits of Elston’s Method

Elston’s method offers several benefits for writers:

Enhanced Organization and Clarity: The visual representation of the story helps writers see the big picture, ensuring a coherent and well-structured narrative.

Identification of Plot Holes and Inconsistencies: The process of summarizing each chapter forces writers to critically evaluate their story, identifying areas that need further development or revision.

Opportunity for Experimentation and Creative Problem-Solving: The physical nature of Elston’s method allows writers to easily move and rearrange plot elements, fostering experimentation and creative problem-solving.

Additional Tools and Techniques

Beyond Elston’s unique approach, numerous other tools and techniques can aid writers in their creative endeavors:

Index Cards: Index cards serve as a versatile tool for organizing ideas, plot points, and character development. They allow writers to easily rearrange and visualize their story’s structure.

Outlines: Outlines provide a roadmap for the narrative, ensuring a logical flow and coherence from beginning to end. They help writers stay on track and avoid plot inconsistencies.

Daily Word Counts: Establishing a daily word count goal helps writers maintain momentum and productivity. It provides a tangible measure of progress, keeping writers motivated and focused.

The Role of Pilot Vball Pens

Elston’s preference for Pilot Vball pens highlights the importance of the writing instrument in the writing process. For many writers, the right pen can make the writing experience more enjoyable and productive. The smooth, consistent flow of a Pilot Vball pen can foster a deeper connection between the writer and their work.


The tools and routines employed by writers are as diverse as the writers themselves. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to writing. The key is for writers to experiment, find what works best for them, and stick with it.

The diversity of writing practices and the unique journeys of different authors celebrate the boundless creativity and passion that exist within the writing community. By embracing their own unique routines and tools, writers can unlock their full potential and produce works that resonate with readers and leave a lasting impact on the world.