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# Triton Digital and Amazon Publisher Services Collaborate to Expand Access to Premium Audio Inventory

## Integration Enables Amazon DSP Advertisers to Leverage Interactive Audio Ads Across Shared Publishers

### Enhanced Inventory Monetization, Engaging Advertising Experience, and Meaningful Connections for Advertisers and Publishers

**Integration Overview**

In a groundbreaking move, Triton Digital and Amazon Publisher Services (APS) have joined forces to broaden the accessibility of premium audio inventory for Amazon DSP advertisers. This strategic integration brings Amazon Ads’ captivating interactive audio ads to Alexa-enabled devices across publishers shared by APS and Triton Digital. This collaboration revolutionizes the audio advertising landscape, delivering an immersive advertising experience for listeners, enhancing inventory monetization for publishers, and fostering meaningful connections between advertisers and audiences.

**Interactive Audio Ads: A New Dimension in Audio Advertising**

Interactive audio ads, a brainchild of Amazon Ads, are a revolutionary ad format that enables listeners to interact with advertisements through simple voice commands. This innovative approach allows listeners to request more information, set reminders, or even add items to their Amazon shopping cart, all without leaving the streaming audio content. Interactive audio ads not only provide a seamless and engaging advertising experience but also empower advertisers with real-time insights into audience engagement, enabling data-driven optimization strategies.

**Unlocking the Power of the Triton Audio Marketplace**

The Triton Audio Marketplace, a leading platform for audio advertising, boasts an extensive pool of audio audiences, generating over 100 billion audio impressions per month. Marketers and agencies can seamlessly transact on all forms of audio inventory through this platform. The vast supply, coupled with Amazon Ads’ proprietary audience signals, allows advertisers to forge more meaningful connections with their target audience, while publishers can effectively monetize their inventory.

**Quotes from Industry Leaders**

“We are thrilled to join forces with Amazon Publisher Services to bring interactive audio ads to our shared publishers,” said John Rosso, President and CEO of Triton Digital. “This integration is a testament to our commitment to enhancing the listener experience and providing our publishers with innovative solutions to monetize their content effectively.”

Steve Rabuchin, VP of Third-Party Supply at Amazon Ads, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This integration represents a significant milestone for publishers and advertisers alike. The opportunity to learn more about audience engagement with interactive audio ads will be invaluable in shaping future advertising strategies.”

**About Triton Digital: A Global Leader in Digital Audio**

Renowned as a global technology and services leader in the digital audio, podcast, and broadcast radio industries, Triton Digital operates in over 80 countries, empowering broadcasters, podcasters, and online music services to expand their audience, optimize revenue, and streamline operations. Triton powers the global online audio industry with Webcast MetricsĀ®, the leading streaming audio measurement service, and Podcast Metrics, one of the first IAB certified podcast measurement services.

**Conclusion: A New Era of Audio Advertising**

The integration between Triton Digital and Amazon Publisher Services marks a new era of audio advertising, expanding access to premium audio inventory for Amazon DSP advertisers and enabling interactive audio ads on Alexa-enabled devices. This collaboration enhances the advertising experience for listeners, drives inventory monetization for publishers, and fosters meaningful connections between advertisers and audiences. As the audio advertising landscape continues to evolve, Triton Digital and Amazon Publisher Services stand at the forefront, leading the charge towards a future of immersive and interactive audio advertising.