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Tucker Carlson’s Biography Publisher Accuses Amazon of Sabotaging Sales

Abysmal Sales Figures Prompt Publisher’s Allegations

Tucker Carlson’s biography, “Tucker” by Chadwick Moore, faced dismal sales in its first week, with a mere 3,000 copies sold, according to BookScan. However, All Seasons Press, the book’s publisher, vehemently denies these figures, asserting that they do not reflect the actual sales and accusing Amazon of deliberately sabotaging the book’s success.

Publisher Questions Reported Sales Figures

The publisher highlights a glaring discrepancy between the reported sales figures and the number of units shipped to retailers. During the first week, over 7,500 units of the book were shipped to Amazon, with an additional 5,163 units shipped between August 1 and 3. All Seasons Press raises a valid question: how could these units have not been sold, considering Amazon’s initial sell-out and the availability of over 7,500 units?

Allegations of Foul Play and Manipulated Reporting

The publisher’s accusations against Amazon go beyond mere incompetence, alleging foul play and deliberate manipulation of the reported sales figures. All Seasons Press claims that Amazon engaged in a series of questionable practices, including emailing pre-order customers to inquire about order cancellations and fulfilling post-launch orders before pre-ordered copies. Furthermore, the publisher asserts that Amazon’s requirement for pre-order customers to log onto a desktop computer for confirmation may have resulted in automatic cancellations, further suppressing sales.

Publisher’s Response and Planned Actions

Despite the reported low sales figures, All Seasons Press maintains that demand for the book has been robust, with direct sales through their platform significantly higher than the reported numbers. The publisher is determined to investigate BookScan’s ranking practices and may report their findings to the Federal Trade Commission if necessary.

Tucker Carlson’s Biography: Insights into His Formative Years

Beyond the sales controversy, Tucker Carlson’s biography offers a captivating glimpse into his formative years, shaped by a complex relationship with his father, Dick Carlson, a renowned journalist. Dick Carlson exposed his children to the stark realities of his work, including a gruesome murder investigation where he showed them the victim. Tucker describes his father as a man who nurtured fierce independence in his children by placing them in challenging situations, fostering resilience and a strong work ethic.

Carlson’s Early Career and Family Life

During his college years, Carlson and his best friend embarked on an adventurous journey to Central America during the Contra War, facilitated by his father’s connections with Voice of America. After graduating, Carlson and his wife settled in Georgetown, Washington, DC, where he worked for a period before briefly relocating to Arkansas. Eventually, the Carlsons returned to DC, where Carlson sought employment at The Weekly Magazine, a conservative journal that later closed in 2018. Reflecting on his upbringing, Carlson credits his father for instilling the importance of family and happiness, values that have guided his personal and professional life.


Tucker Carlson’s biography has faced challenges in its initial sales, with the publisher alleging Amazon’s involvement in sabotaging the book’s success. The publisher’s allegations of foul play and manipulated reporting have raised serious questions about the accuracy of the reported sales figures. Despite the reported low sales, the publisher asserts strong demand for the book based on direct sales. The biography offers valuable insights into Carlson’s formative years, his relationship with his father, and his early career experiences.