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# Calling All Authors, Publishers, Photographers, and Designers: Submissions Open for the 2024 Vancouver Book Award

## A Prestigious Recognition for Literary Excellence

The City of Vancouver proudly announces the opening of submissions for the 2024 Vancouver Book Award, an annual celebration of literary talent and artistic expression. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding books that contribute to the appreciation and understanding of Vancouver, its diverse culture, rich history, unique character, and the remarkable achievements of its residents.

## Generous Monetary Prize and Celebratory Event

The winning contributor(s) will be honored with a substantial monetary award of $3,000, presented at a celebratory event in the fall. This event serves as a platform to showcase the winning work and bring together the literary community to celebrate the vibrancy and creativity of Vancouver’s publishing scene.

## Open to All Genres, with a Focus on Vancouver

The Vancouver Book Award welcomes submissions across all genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s literature, graphic novels, and art books. The primary criterion for eligibility is a significant contribution to the appreciation and understanding of the city of Vancouver. Books must have been published in 2023 to be considered for the award.

## Heightening Awareness of Vancouver’s Multifaceted Identity

The award seeks to highlight books that explore and celebrate Vancouver’s diverse and inclusive community, its Indigenous heritage, its historical evolution, its distinct character, and the achievements of its residents. By recognizing works that delve into these themes, the Vancouver Book Award aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the city’s multifaceted identity.

## Rigorous Selection Process by a Diverse Committee

A distinguished selection committee, composed of individuals with diverse perspectives and backgrounds, will meticulously evaluate the submissions. Their expertise in various literary genres and their intimate knowledge of Vancouver’s cultural landscape will ensure a fair and informed selection process. The committee will assess each book based on its excellence in content, illustration, design, and overall format.

## Celebrating Vancouver’s Literary Luminaries

Mayor Ken Sim, a staunch advocate for Vancouver’s arts and culture scene, expressed his enthusiasm for the 2024 Vancouver Book Award: “This annual event provides an exceptional opportunity to spotlight the incredible talents of our city’s writers, editors, photographers, designers, and illustrators. Their diverse perspectives contribute immensely to the cultural fabric of Vancouver. I eagerly anticipate honoring the remarkable submissions and celebrating the literary achievements of our community at this year’s award ceremony.”

## A Cherished Experience for Previous Winners

Chelene Knight, the recipient of the 2023 Vancouver Book Award for her novel “Junie,” shared her profound gratitude for the recognition: “Winning the award for the second time was an incredibly cherished experience. ‘Junie’ represented my debut into full-length fiction, and the overwhelmingly positive reception it received was a true blessing. By setting the story in Hogan’s Alley, I aimed to offer a fresh perspective on a long-lost community. As a lifelong Vancouverite, I am immensely proud to have my work acknowledged and celebrated by my hometown. The privilege of standing alongside the creations of so many outstanding Canadian writers is a responsibility I deeply appreciate.”

## A Legacy of Excellence Since 1989

The City of Vancouver Book Award has a rich history of recognizing literary excellence, dating back to its inception in 1989. Over the years, it has honored authors of diverse genres, showcasing the depth and breadth of Vancouver’s literary talent. The $3,000 prize is generously funded by the City’s Publishing Reserve, a permanent legacy established in 1977 to support Vancouver’s writers and publishers.

## Submission Guidelines and Deadline

Authors, publishers, photographers, and designers are encouraged to submit their works for consideration. The submission deadline is February 21, 2024, at 4 pm. For detailed information, submission guidelines, and eligibility criteria, please visit the official website at

## Embracing Vancouver’s Literary Vibrancy

The 2024 Vancouver Book Award invites all eligible contributors to participate in this prestigious literary event. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your creative talent, contribute to the understanding of Vancouver’s unique identity, and be part of the city’s vibrant literary legacy.


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