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Vidazoo and Amazon Publisher Services Forge a Revolutionary Alliance to Transform Digital Advertising

A New Era of Seamless Integration, Premium Demand Access, and Enhanced User Experience

New York, NY – [Date] – Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: PERI), a global leader in technology-driven advertising solutions, proudly announces the integration of its Vidazoo video monetization platform with Amazon Publisher Services (APS). This strategic collaboration represents a groundbreaking moment in digital advertising, empowering publishers with simplified integration, access to premium demand, and a superior user experience.

Key Integration Features:

Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM):

* Vidazoo’s TAM service attracts more publishers to its smart video monetization platform by enabling direct integrations via a single server-to-server call, enhancing publisher attraction and streamlining the integration process.

Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM):

* UAM establishes a unified service for multiple publisher connections, offering a single integration point, a comprehensive reporting dashboard, and broader access to Vidazoo’s premium demand sources, expanding opportunities for publisher monetization.

Benefits of the Integration:

Simplified Integration and Collaboration:

* APS-connected publishers seamlessly integrate with the Vidazoo video platform, gaining access to a vast pool of premium demand from leading advertisers, fostering collaboration and driving revenue growth.

Transparency, Control, and Brand Safety:

* Both APS and Vidazoo prioritize transparency, control, and brand safety, ensuring publishers maintain complete oversight and protection. Amazon Publisher Services’ scalable cloud infrastructure further supports these priorities, providing a robust and reliable foundation for publisher success.

Quotes from Key Executives:

Tal Jacobson, CEO of Perion:

“Vidazoo is a cornerstone of Perion’s diversified offering. Our partnership with Amazon Publisher Services represents a major step forward in our mission to connect publishers with premium advertisers. In today’s digital landscape, consumers demand lightning-fast page loads and zero latency. By connecting publishers via a single call, we enhance user satisfaction, improve performance, and boost ROI for brands.”

Bryan Everett, Global Head of Third-Party Demand, Amazon Publisher Services (APS):

“Vidazoo’s integration with Amazon Publisher Services will significantly increase demand among APS-connected publishers across both our Transparent Ad and Unified Ad Marketplaces. Vidazoo’s expertise in digital video, spanning diverse creative formats, coupled with their robust display capabilities, will further enhance users’ online experience and drive publisher monetization.”

Vidazoo Platform Overview:

* Advanced Ad Impressions, User Engagement, and Revenue Strategies: Vidazoo’s platform maximizes publisher returns through innovative ad impressions, user engagement strategies, and revenue optimization techniques.

* Unique Technology Stack and Dedicated Teams: Vidazoo’s proprietary video and display technology stack, combined with dedicated in-house teams for development, ad operations, and demand generation, positions it as a leading global monetization platform.

* Expansion and Innovation as Part of Perion: As an integral part of Perion, Vidazoo has expanded its reach and capabilities, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation across web and mobile platforms, shaping the future of digital advertising with every impression.

About Perion Network Ltd.:

Perion connects advertisers with consumers through technology across all major digital channels. These channels converge at Perion’s intelligent HUB (iHUB), which connects the company’s demand and supply assets, delivering significant benefits to brands and publishers. For more information, visit

Forward-Looking Statements:

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