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Ally Condie Embraces New Beginnings with “The Unwedding,” Her First Adult Murder Mystery

Hold onto your wedding hats, bookworms, because Ally Condie, the author who absolutely owned the young adult dystopian scene with her “Matched” trilogy, is back with a twist. This summer, get ready for “The Unwedding,” Condie’s first foray into the world of adult fiction – and she’s diving headfirst into a gripping murder mystery. Talk about a plot twist!

Releasing on June fourth, “The Unwedding” isn’t just a new book; it’s a whole new vibe for Condie. This isn’t about teens fighting for love in a world gone wrong. This is about grown-up secrets, messy relationships, and oh yeah, someone’s getting knocked off at a swanky wedding. Who needs wedding cake when you’ve got a juicy murder to solve?

From Dystopia to “I Do… or Don’t I?”

A Childhood Obsession with Clues and Corpses

You might be surprised to learn that Condie’s always had a thing for mysteries. Like, we’re talking Agatha Christie-fueled, childhood-trip-to-England levels of obsession. Yeah, those classic whodunits definitely left their mark. But don’t worry, Condie’s not just copying the classics; she’s bringing her own unique voice and experiences to the table.

“Summerlost” and the Edgar Connection

This isn’t Condie’s first dance with the mystery genre, either. Her middle-grade novel, “Summerlost,” which hit shelves back in , had some seriously intriguing mystery elements woven through its coming-of-age story. And guess what? It was even nominated for an Edgar Award! For those not in the know, the Edgars are like the Oscars of the mystery world. So yeah, Condie’s got some serious mystery-writing chops.

Life Inspires Art (and Maybe a Little Murder)

A Solitary Journey Sparks an Idea

In , Condie went through a divorce. Talk about a plot twist in your own life, right? Seeking solace and a fresh start, she took off on a solo trip to the stunning landscapes of southern Utah. She was hoping for self-discovery, maybe some killer Instagram pics, but what she got was way more interesting. Turns out, being alone in the middle of nowhere can make you see things a little differently.

Weddings, Relationships, and Unexpected Inspiration

Condie ended up at a wedding during her trip (because, well, how often do you get invited to weddings when you’re actively avoiding your own love life?). But this wasn’t just any wedding; it was like a lightbulb moment. Being single and surrounded by all these couples made Condie hyper-aware of the dynamics, the whispered secrets, the unspoken tensions bubbling under the surface. And that, my friends, is how “The Unwedding” was born. Condie took that feeling of being an outsider looking in, combined it with her childhood love of mysteries, and bam! A killer concept was born.

“The Unwedding”: A Story of Loss, Connection, and Resilience

Unveiling the Mystery in Big Sur

Picture this: Big Sur, California. Ocean views, towering redwoods, and a luxurious resort buzzing with wedding guests. Sounds idyllic, right? Well, that’s where we meet Ellery Wainwright, the protagonist of “The Unwedding.” Ellery’s all set to celebrate her anniversary with her hubby, but guess what? Hubby dearest is a no-show. Talk about a major buzzkill. But before Ellery can say “marriage counselor,” a murder rocks the resort, and suddenly, she’s in way over her head.

More Than Just a Whodunit

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Another murder mystery? Haven’t I read this book before?” But hold on, because “The Unwedding” isn’t just about solving a crime; it’s about navigating the choppy waters of love, loss, and starting over. As Ellery gets pulled deeper into the murder investigation (because let’s be real, she’s not just gonna sit this one out), she starts to confront her own grief, the cracks in her seemingly perfect marriage, and the surprising connections she forms with the other wedding guests. It’s like “Clue” meets “Eat, Pray, Love” with a dash of “Big Little Lies” thrown in for good measure. Intrigued yet?

Navigating Authorship and Identity

A Name’s Not Just a Name, Right?

One of the things that makes “The Unwedding” even more interesting is the story behind the scenes. Condie wrote this book after her divorce, and she had a big decision to make: Should she keep writing under her married name, Ally Condie, or start fresh with a new one? It’s a question a lot of women face, especially in the literary world, and Condie doesn’t shy away from the complexities.

Owning Her Story, Her Name, Her Work

In the end, Condie decided to stick with Ally Condie. It wasn’t an easy choice, but for her, it was about more than just a name on a book cover. It was about acknowledging her journey, her growth, and the body of work she’d already built. She’d poured her heart and soul into her books as Ally Condie, and she wasn’t about to let go of that part of herself. Plus, let’s be honest, “The Unwedding” by Ally Condie just has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think?

Embracing “Space” and New Horizons

A Year for Exploration and Growth

So, what’s next for Ally Condie? Well, she’s all about “space.” No, not the “outer space” kind of space (though that would be pretty cool too). Condie’s chosen “space” as her word for the year, and it’s a theme that resonates throughout her life and her writing.

Finding Freedom in the Unknown

For Condie, “space” is about giving herself permission to explore new genres, new ideas, and new ways of being. It’s about allowing her children the space to grow and discover their own paths. And yeah, it’s also about embracing those moments of quiet solitude when you can just breathe and be present. You can definitely feel that sense of “space” in “The Unwedding.” There’s a rawness, an honesty, a willingness to delve into the unknown that’s both refreshing and relatable. It’s like Condie’s saying, “Hey, life’s messy and unpredictable, but that’s okay. We’re all just figuring it out as we go.” And honestly, who can’t relate to that?

Invitation to the “Unwedding”

Ready to dive into the world of “The Unwedding”? Of course, you are! Mark those calendars for June fourth, because that’s when the mystery officially drops. And if you’re in the Provo area, don’t miss Condie’s book launch event at the Provo Library on the big day! Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to meet the author, snag a signed copy, and maybe even hear some behind-the-scenes stories about the making of this twisty, turny, utterly captivating murder mystery.

Can’t make it to the event? No worries! You can pre-order signed copies of “The Unwedding” right now from The King’s English Bookshop. Happy reading, mystery lovers!