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Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and Amazon Publishing Forge Landmark Agreement: Making E-books and Digital Audiobooks Accessible to Libraries

A New Era of Digital Library Content Sharing

In a groundbreaking move, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and Amazon Publishing have joined forces to make Amazon’s vast collection of digital content available to libraries across the United States. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the digital library landscape, expanding access to diverse content, providing flexible licensing models, and enhancing the patron experience.

Unveiling a Treasure Trove of Digital Content

Beginning this summer, libraries will have access to approximately 10,000 Amazon Publishing e-books and digital audiobooks through the DPLA Exchange. This treasure trove of content encompasses a wide range of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, children’s literature, and more. With Amazon Publishing’s renowned authors and award-winning titles, libraries can now offer their patrons an even richer and more diverse selection of digital reading materials.

Flexible Licensing Models: Tailored to Library Needs

Recognizing the diverse needs of libraries, the DPLA and Amazon Publishing have crafted four distinct licensing models to ensure maximum flexibility and affordability. Libraries can choose the option that best suits their budget and usage patterns:

  1. Unlimited, One User at a Time Access, Two-Year License: This model allows libraries to offer unlimited access to a title for one user at a time, with a two-year license duration.

  2. Bundles of 40 Lends, Available with a Maximum of 10 Simultaneously, with No Time Limit to Use the Lends: This option provides libraries with 40 lends that can be used simultaneously by up to 10 users, with no time limit for usage.

  3. Bundles of Five Lends, Available Simultaneously, with No Time Limit to Use the Lends: Libraries can offer five simultaneous lends of a title, with no time limit for usage.

  4. 26 Lends, One User at a Time Access, the Lesser of Two Years or 26 Lends License: This model offers 26 lends for one user at a time, with a two-year license duration or a limit of 26 lends, whichever comes first.

Enhancing the Patron Experience: Simplicity and Convenience

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable reading experience for library patrons, Amazon Publishing titles will be accessible through the SimplyE app. This free and open-source library e-reader app offers a user-friendly interface, offline reading capabilities, and compatibility with a wide range of devices. Patrons can easily borrow and read Amazon Publishing titles with just a few taps.

Expanding the Digital Public Library Ecosystem

The partnership between DPLA and Amazon Publishing not only benefits libraries and their patrons but also strengthens the digital library ecosystem as a whole. The DPLA Exchange and SimplyE platform are positioned to become even more prominent players in the digital library landscape, offering a comprehensive suite of services and resources to libraries and readers alike.

Addressing Criticisms and Embracing Collaboration

This agreement marks a significant shift in Amazon’s approach to libraries and digital content. Previously, Amazon had been criticized for its exclusion of libraries from its digital offerings. The partnership with DPLA signals Amazon’s willingness to engage with libraries and contribute to the growth of the digital library landscape.

While it remains uncertain whether Amazon Publishing will collaborate with other vendors in the library e-book market, the DPLA Exchange and SimplyE platform stand to benefit immensely from this partnership. The deal expands their reach and offerings, making them more attractive to libraries and readers alike.

A New Chapter in Digital Library Access

The DPLA and Amazon Publishing agreement ushers in a new chapter in digital library access. By making Amazon’s digital content available to libraries, the partnership expands access to diverse content, provides flexible licensing models, and enhances the patron experience. This move not only addresses criticisms of Amazon’s previous stance but also positions the DPLA Exchange and SimplyE platform as key players in the digital library ecosystem.

As the digital library landscape continues to evolve, the DPLA and Amazon Publishing partnership serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and shared commitment to providing accessible and engaging digital content to libraries and their patrons.


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Title: Unlocking Passive Income Opportunities on Amazon in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide Introduction: Amazon has revolutionized the way people shop...

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