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Digital Public Library of America and Amazon Publishing: A New Chapter in E-Book Accessibility

BREAKING NEWS: The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and Amazon Publishing are reportedly engaged in discussions that could potentially bring Amazon’s vast e-book catalog to public libraries across the United States.

A Sea Change in the Library E-Book Landscape

This groundbreaking development marks a significant shift in the library e-book market, which has long been dominated by Amazon. For years, libraries have faced criticism for their inability to provide patrons with access to Amazon’s extensive collection of digital books, a gap that has left many readers frustrated and underserved.

The potential agreement between DPLA and Amazon Publishing promises to address this long-standing issue, offering a path for libraries to finally offer their patrons the convenience and selection of Amazon’s e-book platform.

Details of the Potential Deal

According to Michele Kimpton, Director of Business Development and Senior Strategist for DPLA, the talks with Amazon Publishing have been ongoing since the spring and have shown promising progress.

The scope of the potential deal is limited to Amazon Publishing titles, excluding content from Amazon’s KDP program and Audible’s digital audio service. Subscription models, such as Audible and Kindle Unlimited, are also not part of the discussions.

All titles included in the potential agreement would be licensed ePub editions, managed by DPLA and its partner libraries. Patrons would access these titles through the SimplyE app, a free, open-source library e-reader app developed by the New York Public Library.

A Major Boost for DPLA and SimplyE

For DPLA and its growing e-book platform, the DPLA Exchange, the potential deal with Amazon Publishing would be a major coup.

To access Amazon Publishing titles, libraries would need to use the DPLA Exchange, and patrons would require the SimplyE app. However, Kimpton emphasizes that the deal is not intended to be exclusive, leaving open the possibility for other platforms to offer Amazon titles in the future.

DPLA’s Commitment to Expanding Digital Content Availability

DPLA has been at the forefront of efforts to expand the availability of digital content for libraries and their patrons.

In recent years, DPLA has secured agreements with publishers such as Workman, Abrams, and Independent Publishers Group, introducing three new licensing models designed to provide libraries with more choice and patrons with more reading material.

These models include a 40-lend bundle with up to 10 concurrent users, an unlimited one-at-a-time model, and five concurrent loans at a reduced price. These flexible and efficient models address the concerns of librarians and aim to improve the management of digital resources.

Amazon’s Approach and DPLA’s Core Values

Kimpton emphasizes that Amazon is open to offering multiple licensing models in the potential deal, demonstrating a willingness to work with libraries to find mutually beneficial solutions.

As a library-centric nonprofit organization, DPLA is committed to ensuring that any agreement with Amazon or other publishers aligns with core library values, including equitable access and patron privacy.

Addressing Potential Criticism

Some observers may question whether the potential deal is a strategic move by Amazon to counter criticism without fully committing to libraries.

However, Kimpton asserts that the discussions are genuine and driven by Amazon’s passion for libraries and authors. She believes that the potential agreement represents a real opportunity to improve access to e-books for library patrons.

A New Era for Library E-Books

The potential deal between DPLA and Amazon Publishing marks a significant development in the library e-book market, offering a path to provide libraries with access to Amazon’s digital content and addressing longstanding concerns about the lack of e-book availability in public libraries.

DPLA’s commitment to library values and its efforts to expand digital content availability underscore its dedication to serving libraries and communities.

Additional Information

  • The DPLA Exchange currently offers approximately 500,000 digital titles accessible through the SimplyE app.
  • DPLA has partnered with various publishers, including some from the Big Five, to offer a diverse range of titles.
  • If finalized, the deal is expected to begin testing different models in early 2021.

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