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# Amazon’s Kindle Storyteller Award Crowns “Forsaken Commander” as the 2023 Winner

## A Triumphant Tale of Space, War, and Ancient Myths

In a ceremony held amidst the grandeur of London’s Houses of Parliament, Amazon unveiled the winner of its prestigious Kindle Storyteller Award 2023: G.J. Ogden’s captivating space opera, “Forsaken Commander.” This moment marked a resounding victory for self-published authors, highlighting the transformative power of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform.

## “Forsaken Commander”: A Gripping Saga of Humanity’s Resilience

“Forsaken Commander,” the first installment in Ogden’s “Aternien Wars” series, transports readers to a vast and intricate universe where advanced technology, intense battles, and the indomitable spirit of humanity collide. Master Commander Carter Rose, a bio-engineered officer, stands as the last line of defense against a formidable post-human enemy.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Egyptian mythology, Ogden weaves a compelling narrative that blends science fiction and space opera genres. His vivid storytelling and meticulous world-building create a captivating experience that keeps readers enthralled from start to finish.

## G.J. Ogden: A Self-Publishing Success Story

G.J. Ogden’s journey to literary acclaim is an inspiring example of the opportunities afforded by self-publishing. Despite embarking on his writing career at the age of 40, Ogden’s passion and dedication have propelled him to the forefront of the self-publishing landscape.

With over 35 science fiction books published since 2018, Ogden has amassed a loyal readership eager for his next literary offering. His decision to self-publish through KDP has granted him complete control over the publishing process, enabling him to bring his stories directly to readers worldwide.

## The Kindle Storyteller Award: A Celebration of Self-Published Excellence

The Kindle Storyteller Award stands as a testament to the growing influence of self-publishing in the literary world. Amazon’s KDP platform has empowered countless authors to take charge of their creative journey, bypassing traditional publishing gatekeepers and connecting directly with readers.

This prestigious award recognizes exceptional works of fiction in the self-publishing realm, amplifying the voices of emerging authors and showcasing the diverse range of stories they have to tell.

## A Distinguished Panel of Judges

The 2023 Kindle Storyteller Award judging panel comprised an esteemed group of literary experts, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the selection process. Their deliberations were thorough and insightful, with each judge commending “Forsaken Commander” for its skillful storytelling, compelling plot, and well-developed characters.

## Critical Acclaim and Industry Endorsements

The judges were unanimous in their praise for “Forsaken Commander,” hailing it as a blockbuster-worthy tale that left them eager for the next installment in the series. Sue Perkins, renowned author and comedian, lauded the book’s timely themes and intricate historical backdrop, while Baroness Floella Benjamin praised its epic scope and strong character development.

Darren Hardy, Author and Editorial Programmes Manager at Amazon UK, who chaired the judging panel, spoke about the exceptional quality of submissions received this year. He emphasized the delight in witnessing KDP’s support for talented authors, enabling them to take control of their publishing journey and reap the rewards of their hard work.

## Exploring the Kindle Storyteller Award and Shortlisted Books

For those seeking to delve deeper into the world of the Kindle Storyteller Award and discover the other shortlisted books, Amazon has dedicated a page on its website where readers can learn more about this prestigious literary prize and the exceptional works that were in contention for the coveted title.

## Call to Action: Embark on a Journey of Discovery

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of “Forsaken Commander” and the other shortlisted books from the Kindle Storyteller Award. Discover the power of self-publishing and the wealth of literary talent waiting to be explored. Visit Amazon’s Kindle Storyteller Award page to learn more and embark on a journey of literary discovery today.