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Amazon Takes Legal Action Against Publishing Scammers: Protecting Authors from Fraudulent Practices

Amazon Takes Legal Action Against Publishing Scammers: Protecting Authors from Fraudulent Practices


In a decisive move to safeguard authors from deceptive practices, Amazon has filed a lawsuit in the Northern District of California against approximately 20 individuals orchestrating elaborate scams. These scammers have been leveraging fraudulent Amazon knockoff websites to lure aspiring authors into paying fees for publishing services, only to deliver substandard or nonexistent services, causing significant financial and emotional distress.

Modus Operandi of the Scammers:

The fraudulent websites employed by these individuals are meticulously designed to mimic Amazon’s authentic platforms, such as Amazon Publishing and Kindle Direct Publishing. By incorporating Amazon’s trademarks in their domain names and website designs, these scammers create the illusion of affiliation with the renowned publishing giant. This ruse is further enhanced through the use of chat boxes and advertised phone numbers on the websites, where individuals posing as Amazon representatives provide false and misleading information to unsuspecting authors.

Real-Life Accounts of Scammed Authors:

The lawsuit includes compelling accounts of unnamed authors who fell victim to these scams. One such author, seeking to utilize Amazon’s legitimate self-publishing services, inadvertently visited one of the fraudulent websites. Engaging with the scammers, who skillfully impersonated Amazon representatives, the author was convinced to pay $4,000 for purported editorial and publication services. However, the promised services never materialized, leaving the author feeling defrauded and vulnerable.

Amazon’s Commitment to Protecting Authors:

Amazon has a long-standing commitment to safeguarding its customers from malicious actors, and this lawsuit against publishing scammers is a testament to that dedication. David Naggar, Vice President of Books and Kindle Content at Amazon, emphasized the company’s unwavering stance against fraudsters who exploit authors. Amazon’s unwavering goal is to ensure that authors are shielded from any further harm caused by these fraudulent practices.

Legal Actions and Remedies:

In seeking legal recourse, Amazon is pursuing injunctive relief, aiming to shut down the fraudulent websites and curtail the ongoing scamming activities. The lawsuit also seeks damages to compensate for the financial losses incurred by the affected authors. By taking these legal steps, Amazon aims to disrupt the scammers’ operations and deter future attempts at exploiting authors.


Amazon’s lawsuit against publishing scammers sends a clear message that the company is committed to protecting the integrity of its platforms and safeguarding the interests of authors. By actively combating fraudulent websites and pursuing legal actions, Amazon is working diligently to create a secure and trustworthy environment for authors to pursue their creative endeavors. This decisive move reinforces Amazon’s commitment to upholding ethical practices in the publishing industry.