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Amazon Takes Legal Action Against Publishing Scammers

In a decisive move to safeguard authors from fraudulent activities, Amazon has filed a lawsuit against 20 individuals involved in scamming authors. These individuals operated fake Amazon knockoff websites to deceive aspiring authors into paying fees for publishing services that either fell short of expectations or were never delivered.

Modus Operandi of the Scammers

The scammers employed Amazon Marks in their domain names and websites to divert unsuspecting authors from Amazon’s genuine websites. These websites were meticulously crafted to appear legitimate, offering services such as assistance with creating, editing, and publishing works through Amazon Publishing or Kindle Direct Publishing.

To further their ruse of affiliation with Amazon, the websites often incorporated chat boxes or advertised phone numbers, providing false and misleading representations of an authentic connection with Amazon.

Impact on Authors

The lawsuit includes detailed accounts of unnamed authors who fell victim to these scams. One author, who believed she was accessing Amazon’s legitimate self-publishing services, engaged with the defendants or their agents, who falsely claimed to be Amazon representatives. The author, convinced of their authenticity, paid $4,000 for editorial and publication services that ultimately failed to materialize.

Amazon’s Response

Amazon expressed a strong commitment to protecting authors from fraudsters who attempt to exploit them. Vice President of Books and Kindle Content at Amazon, David Naggar, emphasized their consistent efforts in preventing bad actors from taking advantage of their customers. He affirmed Amazon’s pledge to safeguard authors from fraudulent activities and ensure no further harm is caused by these actions.

Legal Action Taken

The lawsuit filed by Amazon seeks injunctive relief to shut down the fraudulent websites and recover damages. This legal action is a testament to Amazon’s dedication to upholding the integrity of its services and protecting authors from malicious attempts to deceive them.


Amazon’s lawsuit against publishing scammers is a significant step in combating fraudulent activities that undermine the trust and integrity of the publishing industry. By taking legal action, Amazon sends a clear message that it will not tolerate such deceptive practices and remains committed to safeguarding the interests of authors who rely on its platform.