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Vidazoo Integrates with Amazon Publisher Services to Enhance Video Monetization for Publishers

In the ever-evolving world of online content consumption, publishers face the constant challenge of optimizing their monetization strategies to capture a fair share of advertising revenue. Recognizing this need, Perion Network Ltd., a leading player in connecting advertisers with consumers, has announced a significant integration between its Vidazoo video monetization platform and Amazon Publisher Services (APS).

A Revolutionary Partnership: Transforming Video Monetization

The integration between Vidazoo and APS marks a pivotal moment in the digital advertising landscape. It aims to remove friction for publishers, provide robust demand through a server-to-server marketplace, reduce page load latency, and improve overall user experience.

Key Integration Details: Unlocking New Opportunities for Publishers

The integration encompasses two prominent services offered by APS:

1. Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM):

  • Vidazoo gains the ability to attract more publishers to its smart video monetization platform.
  • Publishers can establish direct integrations with Vidazoo using a single server-to-server call, simplifying the process.

2. Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM):

  • Enables multiple publisher connections through a single integration and a unified service.
  • Presents publishers with a centralized reporting dashboard for seamless performance monitoring.

These APS services empower Vidazoo to tap into a substantial volume of premium demand from leading advertisers, while maintaining complete transparency, control, and brand safety for publishers. The integration is further supported by Amazon Publisher Services’ scalable and efficient cloud infrastructure.

Quotes from Key Executives: A Vision for the Future of Digital Advertising

Tal Jacobson, CEO of Perion:

  • “Vidazoo platform is a central part of Perion’s diversified offering. This collaboration with Amazon Publisher Services will enable us to significantly advance our mission of working with the industry’s leading publishers and connecting them with premium advertisers.”
  • “Today’s consumers demand lightning-fast page loads and virtually no latency. Connecting publishers via a single call will bring satisfaction to users and improved performance and ROI lift to brands.”

Bryan Everett, Global Head of Third-Party Demand, Amazon Publisher Services (APS):

  • “Vidazoo’s recent integration of Amazon Publisher Services will help increase demand among APS-connected publishers, across both our Transparent Ad and Unified Ad Marketplaces.”
  • “In addition to their robust display capabilities, Vidazoo’s expertise in digital video, which spans diverse creative formats, will further enhance users’ online experience and resulting publisher monetization.”

Benefits to Publishers: A Paradigm Shift in Video Monetization

The integration between Vidazoo and APS offers a multitude of benefits to publishers, including:

  • Increased Demand: Access to a vast network of premium advertisers through APS’s unified auction system.
  • Simplified Integration: Seamless integration with Vidazoo’s video platform using a single server-to-server call, reducing complexities and streamlining the process.
  • Complete Transparency and Control: Publishers maintain complete control over their inventory, ad placements, and pricing, ensuring alignment with their monetization strategies.
  • Brand Safety and Quality: The integration adheres to strict brand safety and quality guidelines, protecting publishers’ reputation and user experience.
  • Improved User Experience: Reduced page load latency and enhanced user engagement through optimized ad delivery.
  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring: A centralized reporting dashboard provides publishers with real-time insights into campaign performance, enabling data-driven optimization.

Conclusion: A New Era of Video Monetization

Perion’s integration of Vidazoo with Amazon Publisher Services represents a significant step forward in the digital advertising landscape. By leveraging APS’s unified auction, Vidazoo empowers publishers with frictionless integration, robust demand, reduced latency, and enhanced user experience. This collaboration underscores Perion’s commitment to driving the future of digital advertising and delivering value to both publishers and advertisers.

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