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Browsi Now Available in Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Connections Marketplace

Tel Aviv, Israel & New York, USA – March 8, 2024

SaaS company Browsi LTD proudly announces its integration with Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Connections Marketplace. This collaboration simplifies access to Browsi’s advanced AI capabilities for publishers seeking to optimize ad revenue and enhance user experience.

The APS Connections Marketplace serves as a central hub connecting publishers to providers of ads, media, and infrastructure services. It streamlines the process of discovering, selecting, integrating, and maintaining ad tech solutions. By joining the APS Connections Marketplace, Browsi makes it easier for publishers to leverage its AI-driven platform and enhance their digital advertising strategies.

Key Points:

  • Browsi’s AI platform utilizes real-time ad optimization technology, maximizing revenue potential and delivering personalized ad experiences.
  • Integration with Browsi is seamless, requiring minimal development effort and leveraging existing APS integrations.
  • Activation can be completed with a few clicks in the Connections Marketplace within the APS portal.

Benefits to Publishers:

  • Improved revenue potential through optimized ad layouts and personalized ad experiences.
  • Enhanced user experience with ads that blend harmoniously with content.
  • Simplified adoption of Browsi’s AI technology through the APS Connections Marketplace.


Making Browsi available in the APS Connections Marketplace is a step towards helping publishers more easily adopt the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive industry. Browsi is delivering on its promise to empower publishers with the latest AI technology and create a world in which content and ads blend harmoniously.”

About Browsi:

Browsi is a leading AI-driven SaaS company dedicated to providing publishers and content creators with greater control over their digital real estate. Its AI platform analyzes real-time behavioral data to create personalized ad placements, resulting in increased revenue and enhanced user experience. Premium publishers such as CNN, TMZ, Kobe Shimbun, Reworld Media, GMX, WebMD, Graham Media, and many others trust Browsi’s technology to optimize their advertising strategies.



Additional Information:

  • Publishers can find Browsi in the APS Connections Marketplace under the “Ad Optimization” category.
  • For more information on Browsi’s AI technology and services, visit their website.

Call to Action:

Publishers seeking to enhance their ad revenue and improve user experience are encouraged to explore Browsi’s AI-driven platform through the APS Connections Marketplace. With its advanced AI capabilities, Browsi empowers publishers to unlock new revenue streams and create a more engaging user experience.