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Publica Joins Amazon Publisher Services Streaming TV Ad Server Certification Program

Unifying Auctions, Enhancing Viewer Experience, and Maximizing Publisher Yield

Publica, a leading Connected TV (CTV) ad server, proudly announces its participation in the Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Ad Server Certification Program for streaming TV. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the industry’s pursuit of unified auctions, enhanced viewer experiences, and maximized publisher yield.

The Streaming TV Boom and the Power of Header Bidding

The streaming TV landscape is undergoing a transformative surge, with ad spend projected to double by 2026. This growth has fueled the demand for header bidding solutions, which create a level playing field for inventory, ensuring that every advertiser has an equal chance to bid on available ad space.

Header bidding empowers publishers to receive bids from multiple advertising exchanges simultaneously, maximizing campaign reach and effectiveness. By implementing the APS header bidding solution, publishers can seamlessly integrate APS demand into their ad inventory, attracting a broader pool of advertisers and driving increased revenue.

Publica’s Role in the APS Certification Program

Sean Galligan, Publica’s Chief Revenue Officer, expressed his enthusiasm about bringing APS demand to publishers and TV manufacturers using Publica’s ad server. He emphasized Publica’s commitment to revenue maximization and viewer experience enhancement, which aligns perfectly with APS’ publisher-centric approach.

Publica and APS share a vision of providing publishers with a roadmap of new features for streaming TV ad serving. These features include simplified setup of private marketplace deals and access to interactive ad formats, further empowering publishers to captivate audiences and drive revenue growth.

Publica: A Leader in CTV Ad Serving

Publica, the recipient of the “Best Video Ad Server” award in the 2022 AdWeek Readers Choice Awards, stands as a prominent player in the CTV ad-serving landscape. Serving over 6 billion ads on streaming TV monthly, Publica boasts a renowned client roster that includes Samsung, Hearst TV, Major League Baseball, Paramount, Crunchyroll, and many more.

Publica’s comprehensive suite of solutions encompasses a Unified Auction, Ad Pod Management, Audience Management, Server-Side Ad Insertion, Contextual Management, Ad Quality Management, and Measurement and Verification. This holistic approach empowers publishers to optimize their ad inventory, deliver engaging viewer experiences, and maximize revenue potential.

Amazon Publisher Services: Empowering Digital Media Businesses

Amazon Publisher Services (APS) offers a cloud-based ecosystem of solutions tailored for digital media businesses, with a strong emphasis on direct-to-publisher supply relationships. APS provides a wide range of services and technologies to publishers of all sizes, assisting them in monetizing content, unlocking demand, enabling audience-level buying, and gaining valuable insights into their audiences.

APS’ server-side header bidding solutions leverage Amazon’s robust infrastructure and dedicated support to enhance monetization and ad relevance. Publishers can seamlessly integrate APS’ header bidding solution with their existing ad stack, gaining access to incremental demand and optimizing yield across all screens.

Quotes from Industry Leaders

“We are excited to bring incremental demand from APS to the growing number of publishers and TV manufacturers who are now adopting the Publica ad server to help them grow their advertising revenues. Publica empowers publishers to create intelligent ad breaks that can be optimized on a revenue per second basis, all while improving their viewer’s streaming experiences with seamless ad delivery,” said Sean Galligan, Publica Chief Revenue Officer.

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