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Astra Logical: A New Indie Publisher Emerges, Led by Former Amazon Games Managing Director Heather Jackson

In the ever-evolving gaming landscape, Astra Logical emerges as a new indie publisher, poised to make waves with its focus on “premium thinky games” and a leadership team boasting industry expertise. Guided by former Amazon Games managing director Heather Jackson, Astra Logical aims to revolutionize the indie publishing scene with its commitment to thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating gaming experiences.

Astra Logical’s Leadership: A Force to Be Reckoned With

At the helm of Astra Logical is Heather Jackson, an industry veteran with an impressive track record. Her tenure as managing director at Amazon Games saw the successful development and launch of critically acclaimed titles such as New World and Lost Ark. Jackson’s leadership skills and industry knowledge make her the ideal candidate to steer Astra Logical towards success.

Joining Jackson is Ryan Tagawa, a seasoned marketing and finance professional. His previous role as marketing associate at Serenity Forge contributed to the successful launch of several indie games. Tagawa’s expertise in financial management and strategic planning will guide Astra Logical’s financial trajectory.

Laura Topakian, head of marketing, brings a deep understanding of the gaming industry and a passion for promoting indie titles. Her previous role as senior marketing manager at Those Awesome Guys saw her craft effective marketing campaigns that generated buzz and drove sales. Topakian’s leadership will be instrumental in raising awareness of Astra Logical’s upcoming releases.

Completing the leadership team is Rachel Heleva, scout and developer relations manager. Her experience as associate producer at Modus and producer at Astra Fund showcases her dedication to supporting indie developers and bringing their creative visions to life. Heleva’s expertise will foster strong relationships with developers, ensuring Astra Logical’s publishing ventures thrive.

Astra Logical’s Mission: “Premium Thinky Games” Take Center Stage

Astra Logical’s mission is crystal clear: to publish “premium thinky games” that challenge players’ intellects and provide immersive, thought-provoking experiences. The company aims to support developers passionate about creating games that stimulate the mind and encourage critical thinking. This focus on “thinky games” sets Astra Logical apart, positioning it as a unique player in the indie publishing landscape.

Advisors and Collaborators: A Network of Expertise

To further solidify its position in the industry, Astra Logical has enlisted the support of experienced advisors and collaborators. Among them is Eileen Hollinger, head of Capybara Games and founding member of Astra Fund. Her expertise in game development and passion for indie titles make her an invaluable asset to Astra Logical’s advisory board.

Another notable advisor is Nick Suttner, indie games veteran and co-founder of Furniture & Mattress. His extensive experience in the indie gaming scene and keen eye for identifying promising titles will guide Astra Logical’s publishing strategy.

The Future of Astra Logical: A Bright Horizon

With a strong leadership team, a clear mission, and the support of experienced advisors, Astra Logical is poised for success in the competitive world of indie publishing. Its focus on “premium thinky games” and commitment to supporting passionate developers are sure to resonate with gamers seeking intellectually stimulating and immersive gaming experiences. As Astra Logical continues to grow and expand its portfolio, the gaming industry can expect a steady stream of high-quality titles that push the boundaries of creativity and challenge players’ minds.