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Perion’s Vidazoo Video Platform Integrates with Amazon Publisher Services, Empowering Publishers with Advanced Monetization Solutions

Perion and Amazon Join Forces to Enhance Publisher Revenue and User Engagement

In a pivotal move that promises to revolutionize digital advertising, Perion Network Ltd., a prominent player in connecting advertisers and consumers, has announced the integration of its Vidazoo video monetization platform with Amazon Publisher Services (APS). This strategic collaboration marks a significant step forward in empowering publishers with advanced ad impressions, compelling user engagement, and revenue-generating strategies.

Unveiling the Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM)

The integration leverages the Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM) from Amazon Publisher Services, enabling Vidazoo to attract an expanded network of publishers to its platform through direct integrations. Employing a single server-to-server call, Vidazoo facilitates seamless and transparent connections with publishers, ensuring efficient and effective monetization.

Introducing the Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM): A Gateway to Premium Demand

Through the Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM), publishers connected to APS gain access to Vidazoo’s valuable demand, maximizing their revenue opportunities. The UAM acts as a centralized service, utilizing a single integration and reporting dashboard. This streamlined approach simplifies the process of connecting with Vidazoo, providing publishers with a gateway to premium demand from leading advertisers.

Reaping the Rewards: Publisher Benefits of the Perion-APS Integration

The integration of Vidazoo with APS brings forth a multitude of benefits for publishers, propelling them toward increased revenue generation and enhanced user experiences.

1. Increased Demand: Tapping into Premium Advertising Opportunities

APS-connected publishers can effortlessly integrate with the Vidazoo video platform, unlocking access to premium demand from top-tier advertisers. This expanded reach opens up new revenue streams and ensures optimal monetization of valuable ad inventory.

2. Complete Transparency, Control, and Brand Safety: A Foundation of Trust and Integrity

Both APS and Vidazoo prioritize transparency, control, and brand safety, cornerstones of their collaborative efforts. Publishers can rest assured that their content and advertising are handled with the utmost care, adhering to stringent standards that protect their brand reputation and user trust.

3. Scalable and Efficient Cloud Infrastructure: Powering Seamless Performance

The integration is underpinned by Amazon Publisher Services’ scalable and efficient cloud infrastructure, ensuring seamless performance and uninterrupted service. Publishers can leverage this robust infrastructure to manage their ad inventory and optimize revenue streams without encountering technical glitches or disruptions.

Industry Leaders Share Their Perspectives

The Perion-APS integration has garnered praise from industry leaders who recognize its transformative potential for publishers.

Tal Jacobson, CEO of Perion:

“Vidazoo platform is a central part of Perion’s diversified offering. This collaboration with Amazon Publisher Services will significantly advance our mission of working with the industry’s leading publishers and connecting them with premium advertisers.”

Bryan Everett, Global Head of Third-Party Demand, Amazon Publisher Services:

“Vidazoo’s recent integration of Amazon Publisher Services will help increase demand among APS-connected publishers. Their expertise in digital video will further enhance users’ online experience and resulting publisher monetization.”

About Perion Network Ltd.: A Driving Force in Digital Advertising

Perion Network Ltd. stands as a leading force in connecting advertisers with consumers through technology, spanning all major digital channels. Its intelligent HUB (iHUB) serves as a catalyst for connecting demand and supply assets, generating substantial benefits for both brands and publishers. To delve deeper into Perion’s innovative solutions, visit their website at

Forward-Looking Statements: Embracing Uncertainties

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Additional Information: Resources for Further Exploration

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Harness the Power of Vidazoo and APS: A Call to Action

Publishers seeking to unlock new revenue streams and enhance user engagement are encouraged to embrace the Perion-APS integration. By partnering with Vidazoo and Amazon Publisher Services, you gain access to premium demand, transparent reporting, and cutting-edge technology that will revolutionize your digital advertising strategy. Join the ranks of successful publishers and experience the transformative power of this collaboration firsthand.