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The Worst Self-Publishing Companies to Avoid: A Compendium of Cautionary Tales

The advent of self-publishing has democratized the book industry, empowering authors to bypass traditional publishing houses and directly connect with their readers. However, not every self-publishing company lives up to its promises. Some may lure you in with grandiose claims, only to deliver subpar services and leave you feeling disheartened and out of pocket.

To safeguard your writing dreams and hard-earned money, it’s crucial to steer clear of these dubious self-publishing companies. Let’s embark on an enlightening journey as we unveil the worst offenders and delve into their nefarious practices.

1. Publish-a-Book-Quick: The Epitome of Haste Makes Waste



Pitch: Publish-a-Book-Quick entices aspiring authors with promises of lightning-fast publication, boasting a turnaround time of just 7 days. They claim to take the hassle out of self-publishing, offering a one-stop solution for editing, formatting, and distribution.

Red Flags:

  • Dubious Testimonials: Their website is adorned with testimonials that appear too good to be true, raising suspicions of fabrication.
  • Hidden Costs: While they advertise affordable packages, hidden fees often surface during the publishing process, leading to unexpected expenses.
  • Poor Quality Control: Authors have complained about numerous errors, including grammatical mistakes, formatting issues, and even missing pages in their published books.
  • Limited Distribution: Despite their claims of wide distribution, many authors have found their books only available on obscure online platforms, resulting in poor sales.

2. Instant-Bestseller-Maker: The Illusion of Overnight Success



Pitch: Instant-Bestseller-Maker promises to catapult your book to the top of bestseller lists, employing a secret formula that guarantees instant success. They claim to have connections with influential reviewers and booksellers, ensuring that your book receives glowing reviews and widespread recognition.

Red Flags:

  • False Promises: Their claims of guaranteed success are nothing but marketing gimmicks. Book sales depend on various factors, including quality, genre, and marketing efforts.
  • Shady Marketing Tactics: Authors have reported being pressured into purchasing additional services, such as expensive book promotion packages, with no guarantee of results.
  • Misleading Reviews: Some authors have discovered that the positive reviews displayed on the Instant-Bestseller-Maker website were fabricated or purchased, casting doubt on the company’s integrity.

3. We-Print-Your-Book: The Epitome of Lackluster Service



Pitch: We-Print-Your-Book positions itself as a budget-friendly self-publishing option, catering to authors seeking a quick and affordable way to get their books into print. They offer basic formatting and printing services, promising fast turnaround times.

Red Flags:

  • Poor Quality Printing: Authors have complained about receiving books with blurry text, misaligned images, and even pages printed upside down.
  • Unresponsive Customer Service: When faced with complaints, We-Print-Your-Book’s customer service team is notoriously slow to respond, leaving authors frustrated and without resolution.
  • Unreliable Shipping: Many authors have reported long delays in receiving their books, with some never arriving at all, leading to missed deadlines and disappointed readers.

4. The-Book-Publishing-Group: A Labyrinth of Empty Promises



Pitch: The-Book-Publishing-Group presents itself as a comprehensive self-publishing solution, offering a wide range of services, including editing, formatting, marketing, and distribution. They claim to have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping authors achieve their publishing goals.

Red Flags:

  • Inadequate Editing: Authors have reported receiving books riddled with grammatical errors, typos, and inconsistencies, reflecting a lack of attention to detail.
  • Ineffective Marketing: Despite promises of extensive marketing campaigns, many authors have found that their books received minimal promotion, resulting in poor sales.
  • Unfulfilled Distribution: The-Book-Publishing-Group often fails to deliver on its distribution promises, leaving books unavailable on major online retailers and bookstores.

5. Publish-Your-Masterpiece: A Symphony of Disappointment



Pitch: Publish-Your-Masterpiece targets aspiring authors with dreams of seeing their books in print, promising to transform their manuscripts into polished masterpieces. They offer editing, formatting, cover design, and distribution services, catering to a wide range of genres.

Red Flags:

  • Mediocre Editing: Authors have complained about receiving books with numerous errors, including grammatical mistakes, punctuation issues, and inconsistencies in style.
  • Uninspired Cover Design: Publish-Your-Masterpiece’s cover designs are often generic and uninspired, failing to capture the essence of the book’s content.
  • Limited Distribution: Despite claims of wide distribution, many authors have found their books only available on obscure online platforms, hindering sales and visibility.

Protect Your Literary Dreams: A Call to Action

The self-publishing landscape is fraught with pitfalls, and discerning authors must exercise caution when choosing a publishing partner. Thorough research, careful evaluation of company reputation, and seeking recommendations from fellow authors can help you avoid falling prey to unscrupulous self-publishing companies.

Remember, self-publishing is a journey, not a race. Take the time to find a reputable company that aligns with your goals and values. Your dedication and perseverance, coupled with the right publishing partner, will pave the way for your literary success.

If you have had negative experiences with any of the companies mentioned above or have encountered other self-publishing pitfalls, share your stories in the comments below. Your insights can help fellow authors navigate the self-publishing maze and make informed decisions about their publishing journey.