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Throne and Liberty: Amazon Games to Publish NCSoft’s Action MMORPG Globally

Date: March 8, 2024

Source: Amazon Games

A Realm of Endless Possibilities Awaits

In a groundbreaking move, Amazon Games, a subsidiary of the e-commerce giant Amazon, has announced its partnership with NCSoft, a renowned South Korean game developer, to publish Throne and Liberty, an action-packed MMORPG, in North America, South America, Europe, and Japan. This highly anticipated title promises to captivate players with its immersive storyline, dynamic world, and epic battles.

Throne and Liberty: An Immersive Journey

Throne and Liberty transports players to a realm where they embark on a captivating journey through a vast and ever-changing world. The game’s captivating narrative unfolds as players explore diverse landscapes, interact with intriguing NPCs, and uncover hidden secrets that shape the fate of the realm.

Key Features That Set Throne and Liberty Apart:

  • Immersive Storyline: Throne and Liberty boasts a compelling narrative that keeps players engaged as they progress through the game world. Players unravel mysteries, make impactful choices, and witness the consequences of their actions.
  • Dynamic World: The world of Throne and Liberty is a living, breathing entity that evolves constantly. Shifting terrain, dynamic weather patterns, and environmental effects impact gameplay, challenging players to adapt their strategies and tactics.
  • Large-Scale PvP and PvE Combat: Throne and Liberty offers both large-scale player vs. player (PvP) and player vs. environment (PvE) combat. Players can engage in epic battles with other players or band together to face formidable PvE challenges, such as powerful bosses and world events.
  • Unique Class System: Throne and Liberty introduces a flexible class system that allows players to customize their characters with a diverse range of abilities and skills. Players can choose from various classes, each with distinct playstyles and strengths, and further personalize their characters through skill trees and talent builds.
  • Transformations and Environmental Effects: Players can transform into animals, granting them special abilities and allowing them to soar through the air or explore underwater depths. Additionally, players can trigger powerful environmental effects, such as solar eclipses or rainstorms, to gain an edge in combat or overcome obstacles.

Amazon Games’ Publishing Success: A New Era of Partnerships

Despite facing challenges with internally developed games, Amazon Games has found success in publishing third-party titles. Lost Ark, the first game published by Amazon Games, has been a critical and commercial success, attracting a large player base on Steam. The company has also announced publishing deals for other highly anticipated titles, including Blue Protocol, the next Tomb Raider game, and several unannounced projects. With the addition of Throne and Liberty to its portfolio, Amazon Games continues to expand its publishing business and establish itself as a major player in the gaming industry.

Throne and Liberty’s Development Journey: From Lineage Eternal to an Epic MMORPG

Throne and Liberty has had a lengthy and somewhat turbulent development history. Initially known as Lineage Eternal, it entered closed beta testing in South Korea in 2016. However, development encountered difficulties, and the project was put on hold. In 2017, NCSoft rebooted the game as Project TL, which eventually became Throne and Liberty. Despite the setbacks, the game’s developers have remained committed to delivering a high-quality MMORPG experience, and the upcoming release marks a significant milestone in the game’s development journey.

Conclusion: A New Era of MMORPG Begins

Throne and Liberty is a highly anticipated MMORPG that promises to deliver an immersive story, dynamic gameplay, and large-scale battles. With Amazon Games handling publishing duties in key regions, the game has the potential to reach a broad audience and establish itself as a major player in the MMORPG genre. As we approach the game’s launch, gamers worldwide eagerly await the opportunity to explore the world of Throne and Liberty and embark on epic adventures alongside their fellow players.