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NCSoft and Amazon Games Forge Alliance for Global Publishing of Throne & Liberty

In a bold move that reshapes the gaming landscape, NCSoft, the South Korean gaming giant renowned for titles like Guild Wars 2, Blade & Soul, and Lineage, has joined forces with Amazon Games, a subsidiary of the e-commerce behemoth Amazon. This strategic partnership marks a new era for NCSoft, as it entrusts the global publishing reins of its highly anticipated MMO, Throne & Liberty, to Amazon Games. This collaboration signals a significant shift for NCSoft, which has traditionally self-published its games. Throne & Liberty will be the first title from the company to be released in collaboration with an external publisher across multiple regions, including North and South America, Europe, and Japan.

Throne & Liberty: A New Dawn for MMO Gaming

Throne & Liberty, poised to redefine the MMO genre, promises an immersive experience that seamlessly blends action, exploration, and social interaction. Set in a breathtaking world teeming with mythical creatures and awe-inspiring landscapes, players embark on an epic journey, forging alliances, engaging in thrilling combat, and unraveling a captivating storyline. With its stunning visuals, innovative gameplay mechanics, and engaging narrative, Throne & Liberty is poised to captivate MMO enthusiasts worldwide.

Amazon Games: A Rising Force in the Gaming Industry

Amazon Games, a relatively new player in the gaming industry, has swiftly ascended to prominence with its strategic acquisitions and ambitious publishing endeavors. The company’s foray into live service games gained momentum with the launch of New World in 2021, developed by its Orange County studio. Amazon Games further solidified its position in the MMO market by securing the western publishing rights for Smilegate’s popular MMO Lost Ark. With the addition of Throne & Liberty to its portfolio, Amazon Games aims to solidify its dominance as a leading force in the MMO genre.

Throne & Liberty: A Strategic Acquisition for Amazon Games

The acquisition of Throne & Liberty’s publishing rights is a calculated move for Amazon Games as it seeks to bolster its portfolio with high-profile titles. Throne & Liberty has generated immense anticipation among MMO enthusiasts, promising a captivating experience that sets it apart from its competitors. By securing the publishing rights for Throne & Liberty, Amazon Games aims to solidify its position as a leading force in the MMO market and expand its reach to a global audience.

Amazon Games’ Diversification Strategy

Amazon Games’ partnership with NCSoft underscores its broader strategy of diversifying its game publishing portfolio. In recent months, the company has announced several high-profile publishing deals, including the upcoming Tomb Raider title from Crystal Dynamics and Bandai Namco’s highly anticipated MMORPG Blue Protocol. Additionally, Amazon Games will publish an unannounced online title from developer Disruptive Games, further demonstrating its commitment to multiplatform gaming experiences.

Amazon Games’ Shift from Internal Development to Third-Party Publishing

Amazon’s decision to focus on publishing third-party titles marks a departure from its earlier emphasis on internal game development. During the 2010s, Amazon Games attempted to launch several games from its internal studios, including the hero shooter Crucible, which had a short-lived existence. However, many of these projects were ultimately canceled, leaving the company with limited success in its own game development endeavors.

The Lord of the Rings MMO: A Missed Opportunity

One notable example of Amazon Games’ internal development efforts was the Lord of the Rings MMO, which was in development for several years. However, the project faced challenges and was eventually canceled, partially due to the acquisition of its developer, Athlon Games, by Tencent in 2020. The rights to the Lord of the Rings property have since been acquired by Embracer, which has announced multiple Lord of the Rings games in active development.

NCSoft’s Continued Focus on MMO Development

Despite the shift in publishing strategy, NCSoft remains steadfast in its commitment to MMO development, its core strength. With Throne & Liberty, the company aims to deliver a groundbreaking MMO experience that combines stunning visuals, engaging storytelling, and innovative gameplay mechanics. The partnership with Amazon Games provides NCSoft with access to global distribution channels and expertise in live service management, enabling the game to reach a wider audience and ensure a successful launch.

Conclusion: A New Era of MMO Gaming

The partnership between NCSoft and Amazon Games for the global publishing of Throne & Liberty is a transformative event in the gaming industry. It marks a strategic move for both companies, with NCSoft gaining access to Amazon’s global


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