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The Epicenter of College Basketball: A History of UD Arena

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of UD Arena, a legendary venue that has earned the title “The Epicenter of College Basketball.” From its humble beginnings to its iconic status, this article unveils the stories, moments, and characters that have shaped this hallowed arena.

A Personal Connection

As a seasoned reporter and WordPress editor, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless historic events unfold within the walls of UD Arena over the past eleven seasons. With a deep-rooted connection to this arena, I embarked on a journey to chronicle its rich legacy, a task made even more meaningful by my grandfather’s lifelong fandom and my parents’ wedding reception held within these hallowed grounds.

Key Figures

Several individuals have played pivotal roles in shaping the history of UD Arena. Among them are:

  • Brother Joseph J. Mervar: UD’s business manager, played a crucial role in the arena’s development. His heartfelt letter to Tom Frericks, the athletic director, expressed gratitude for Frericks’ unwavering efforts in bringing the arena to fruition.
  • Charlie Rathburn: Known as the man who lived in the arena, Rathburn moved into UD Arena shortly after its opening. For three months, he resided in a first-aid room before relocating upstairs. The arena became his home, equipped with two couches, two end tables, a bed, a TV, a refrigerator, and a small stove.
  • Tom Westendorf: Along with Gary McCans, Westendorf experienced long working hours at the arena. To relieve stress, they engaged in unconventional activities, such as organizing go-kart time trials within the arena’s concourse.
  • Farrell Brothers: They witnessed how coaches utilized UD Arena as a recruiting tool, emphasizing the arena’s legacy, history, and passionate fan base. During Archie Miller’s tenure, ticketed seats were introduced on the floor behind the team’s bench, allowing recruits to experience the atmosphere up close.

UD Arena’s Significance

UD Arena’s significance extends far beyond its physical structure. It holds a prominent place in college basketball history and continues to captivate fans with its unique atmosphere and modern amenities.

Legacy and History

Since the 1969-70 season, UD Arena has consistently ranked among the top 35 venues in terms of attendance. This remarkable achievement highlights the arena’s enduring popularity and appeal. The arena has hosted numerous NCAA Tournament games, including several memorable Final Fours.


UD Arena is renowned for its electrifying atmosphere. The passionate and dedicated fan base creates an intimidating environment for opposing teams. The arena’s design, with its steep seating and close proximity to the court, further amplifies the intensity of the game. The “Roar of the Crowd” has become synonymous with UD Arena, echoing through the stands and reverberating through the hearts of players and fans alike.


In 2019, UD Arena underwent a comprehensive three-year renovation project. The project aimed to modernize the facility while preserving its historic character. Upgrades included new seating, concourses, concession stands, and locker rooms. The renovation ensured that UD Arena remains a state-of-the-art venue for decades to come.


UD Arena stands as a testament to the rich history and enduring legacy of college basketball. Its unique stories, iconic moments, and passionate fan base have cemented its status as “The Epicenter of College Basketball.” The arena’s recent renovation has further solidified its position as a premier venue for the sport, ensuring that it continues to host memorable games and create lasting memories for generations of fans. As the roar of the crowd reverberates through the arena, UD Arena remains a beacon of excellence, inspiring players and captivating fans with its timeless allure.


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