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## Embracing the New Pulp Era: Insights from the 20Books Sevilla Conference

In the heart of Seville, Spain, the 20Books Sevilla conference unfolded in 2024, bringing together a galaxy of self-published and independent authors, industry luminaries, and literary enthusiasts. This gathering served as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, illuminating the path to success in the ever-evolving publishing landscape.

### Embracing the Pulp Era’s Resurgence

Sean McLachlan, author of “Writing Secrets of the World’s Most Prolific Authors,” graced the stage with his insights, shedding light on the remarkable resurgence of the pulp era. He emphasized the importance of understanding market demands and catering to specific audience expectations, drawing parallels to the enduring popularity of cozy mysteries.

McLachlan urged attendees to embrace the pulp era’s ethos of prolificacy, emphasizing the need to churn out books at a steady pace to captivate readers and maintain momentum. He stressed the significance of understanding genre conventions and delivering stories that align seamlessly with established reader expectations.

### Character Development and Distinctive Elements: Crafting Unforgettable Narratives

Benedict Brown, the creative force behind a captivating series of cozy mysteries set in the alluring backdrop of 1920s England, took center stage to share his secrets for crafting unforgettable characters and distinctive storylines. He emphasized the importance of character development, urging authors to breathe life into their protagonists and antagonists, making them relatable, flawed, and utterly compelling.

Brown shared his experience in evolving his characters over the course of his series, infusing them with depth and complexity that kept readers enthralled. He also highlighted the power of incorporating unique elements, such as his decision to feature a precocious 16-year-old grandson as the series narrator, a choice that set his books apart from the crowd.

### Genre Blending and Reader Expectations: Navigating the Delicate Balance

Bianca Blythe, a renowned author of Regency Romances, graced the conference with her wisdom, cautioning against the allure of genre-blending. She emphasized the importance of understanding reader expectations and delivering books that cater specifically to those preferences. Blythe shared her belief that combining genres can confuse potential readers and hinder discoverability on platforms like Amazon, where algorithms favor books that fit neatly into established categories.

### Prolific Writing and Inspiration: Unlocking the Secrets of Creativity

McLachlan returned to the stage, this time delving into the writing habits of prolific authors throughout history, revealing the secrets of their astounding output. He dispelled the myth of the tortured artist, instead highlighting the importance of discipline, consistency, and embracing a structured writing routine.

McLachlan encouraged attendees to read widely outside their genre, casting a wide net to gather inspiration from diverse sources. He also extolled the virtues of trusting one’s subconscious mind, allowing ideas to percolate and emerge during moments of quiet reflection or physical activity.

### Direct-to-Market Distribution and the Impact of AI: Shaping the Future of Publishing

Orna Ross, the visionary founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors, took to the podium to discuss the growing importance for indie authors to establish their own direct-to-market distribution channels. She emphasized the need for authors to take control of their books’ journey, bypassing traditional gatekeepers and connecting directly with readers through online platforms and social media.

Dan Wood, the esteemed COO of Draft2Digital, offered his insights into the rapidly evolving publishing landscape, reflecting on the shift towards direct sales and the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the industry. Wood highlighted the emergence of generative AI tools like Deepl for automated translation, Midjourney for cover generation, and the groundbreaking Chat GPT4 for text production.

Wood urged publishers and authors to embrace these AI-driven opportunities, recognizing their potential to revolutionize the publishing process and open up new avenues for creativity and innovation. Michael Anderle, a renowned expert in the field, echoed Wood’s sentiments, emphasizing the need for the industry to adapt to the changing landscape and leverage AI’s transformative power.

### Conclusion: A Path Forward for Self-Published and Independent Authors

As the 20Books Sevilla conference drew to a close, a sense of excitement and anticipation filled the air. Attendees departed feeling empowered and inspired, armed with a wealth of knowledge and insights to guide their journey in the ever-changing world of publishing.

The conference served as a stark reminder that success in publishing requires adaptability, creativity, and a willingness to embrace new opportunities while staying true to one’s writing passion. It highlighted the importance of understanding market demands, developing distinctive characters, and leveraging new technologies to reach and engage readers.

For self-published and independent authors, the path forward is clear: embrace the new pulp era, craft unforgettable characters and stories, understand reader expectations, write prolifically and seek inspiration from diverse sources, establish direct-to-market distribution channels, and embrace the transformative power of AI. By following these principles, authors can navigate the evolving publishing landscape with confidence and achieve lasting success.


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