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What Restrictions Does Kindle Direct Publishing Have?

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a platform that allows authors to self-publish their books and make them available for sale on Amazon. It is a popular option for authors who want to retain control over their publishing process and reach a wide audience. However, there are some restrictions that authors need to be aware of before using KDP.

File Size and Page Limits

KDP has limits on the file size and page count of books that can be published. For ebooks, the file size limit is 50MB. For print books, the page count limit is 800 pages. These limits are in place to ensure that books can be easily downloaded and printed.

Image and Video Restrictions

KDP also has restrictions on the types of images and videos that can be included in books. Images must be in JPEG or PNG format, and they cannot be larger than 2MB. Videos must be in MP4 format, and they cannot be longer than 10 minutes. These restrictions are in place to ensure that books are visually appealing and easy to read.

Content Restrictions

KDP has restrictions on the type of content that can be published. Books cannot contain hate speech, violence, or pornography. They also cannot contain copyrighted material. These restrictions are in place to protect readers and to ensure that KDP is a safe and legal platform for authors.

Formatting Requirements

KDP has specific formatting requirements that books must meet in order to be published. These requirements include using a specific font, font size, and line spacing. They also include creating a cover image that meets KDP’s guidelines. These requirements are in place to ensure that books are easy to read and visually appealing.

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Pricing and Royalties

KDP has specific rules regarding the pricing and royalties of books. Authors can set their own prices for their books, but they must adhere to KDP’s minimum and maximum price limits. KDP also offers a royalty program that pays authors a percentage of the sale price of their books. The royalty rate can vary depending on the price of the book and the sales channel through which it is sold.

Marketing and Promotion

KDP provides authors with a variety of tools and resources to help them market and promote their books. These tools include:

Book Description Optimizer: This tool helps authors write compelling book descriptions that will entice potential buyers.
Keyword Research: This tool helps authors identify popular keywords that can be used to promote their books.
Ads: KDP allows authors to run ads on Amazon to promote their books.
Email Marketing: KDP allows authors to collect email addresses from their customers and use them to send out newsletters and promotions.

Customer Service

KDP offers authors a variety of customer service options, including:

Email Support: Authors can email KDP’s customer service team with questions or concerns.
Phone Support: Authors can call KDP’s customer service team during specific hours.
Live Chat: Authors can chat with a KDP customer service representative online.


Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a powerful platform that allows authors to self-publication their books and reach a wide audience. However, authors need to be aware of the restrictions that KDP has in place before using the platform. These restrictions are designed to ensure that books are visually appealing, easily readable, and appropriate for Amazon’s marketplace. Authors who follow KDP’s guidelines can successfully self-publicate their books and achieve their authoring goals.

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If you are an author who is considering using Kindle Direct Publishing, I encourage you to learn more about the platform and its restrictions. You can find more information on KDP’s website. Once you have a good understanding of KDP’s guidelines, you can start self-publicating your books and sharing your work with the world.