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Every Day, Write 1,000 Words: A Conversation with Jami Attenberg

Date: January 22, 2024

In the realm of writing, few things can spark excitement and trepidation simultaneously like a new guide promising to unlock the secrets of creativity and productivity. Jami Attenberg’s “1000 Words: A Writer’s Guide to Staying Creative, Focused, and Productive All Year Round” is one such offering, captivating readers with its promise of transforming writing into a daily habit.

As someone who has experienced the highs and lows of the writing journey, I couldn’t resist exploring this book’s potential to inspire and motivate aspiring writers like myself. At first glance, “1000 Words” presents an intriguing proposition: write 1,000 words every day for a year. It’s a daunting challenge, but the book’s premise is simple yet profound—consistency is key to unlocking writing’s transformative power.

The book is not merely a collection of writing tips and techniques; it’s an invitation to embark on a creative adventure, to embrace the challenges and celebrate the victories that come with putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) on a daily basis.

The Genesis of “1000 Words”

Attenberg’s initial hesitancy towards turning the project into a book and her subsequent realization of its potential. The significance of the letters contributed by various authors and their role in shaping the book’s structure. The inclusion of Attenberg’s own voice and perspective to enhance the book’s freshness and authenticity.

Redefining “Productivity” in the Creative Process

The backlash against productivity culture and its emphasis on economic output. Attenberg’s focus on creativity, humanity, and personal fulfillment as the true measures of productivity. The importance of writing for personal satisfaction and mental well-being, rather than solely for publication or financial gain.

Energizing the Writing Process

The challenge of maintaining energy and motivation while writing. Attenberg’s strategies for re-energizing herself, including reading, watching movies, and physical movement. The significance of finding that one sentence that makes the writing effort worthwhile.

Creating Space for Writing in Everyday Life

Attenberg’s personal journey of carving out a writing life despite challenges. The importance of recognizing writing as a valuable and fulfilling activity. Writing as a path to personal growth and well-being.


The value of Attenberg’s book in encouraging writers to prioritize their creativity and make writing a regular part of their lives. The transformative power of writing in fostering personal growth and fulfillment.

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Embark on your own creative journey with Jami Attenberg’s “1000 Words.” Discover the transformative power of daily writing and unlock your full creative potential.


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