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Melanie Price: A Journey from Tragedy to Self-Publishing Success

Author’s Profile

From the vibrant streets of London emerges Melanie Price, a 29-year-old publishing professional poised to make her mark on the literary world with her debut novel, ‘The Mother-in-Law’s Secret,’ set to grace bookshelves on Boxing Day. Hailing from a dual heritage of Australia and Britain, Price’s path to self-publishing intertwines a tale of personal tragedy, an unwavering passion for storytelling, and a relentless pursuit of creative control.

A Catalyst for Literary Pursuit

Melanie Price’s literary journey began at the tender age of 15, her imagination ignited by the allure of romance novels. However, she felt constrained by a perceived lack of life experiences and compelling ideas, believing she had yet to accumulate the necessary depth of understanding to craft a captivating narrative. Instead, she immersed herself in the publishing industry, driven by an insatiable love for books and the intricate worlds they contained.

In a tragic turn of events in 2015, Price’s father was taken from her in a devastating accident at their Sydney home. Six years later, while strolling along cliffs eerily reminiscent of that fateful day, Price found herself contemplating the sinister possibilities lurking beneath the surface of such occurrences. This life-altering event proved to be a turning point, inspiring her to delve into the depths of her creativity and pursue her literary aspirations with newfound determination.

Embracing Self-Publishing

Despite her extensive network within the traditional publishing realm, Melanie Price made the bold decision to embark on the self-publishing route for her novels. This choice was motivated by her desire for greater autonomy over her work and the potential for significantly higher royalty rates. Traditional publishing often presents challenges for debut authors, with modest advances and lower royalty rates being the norm. In contrast, self-publishing on Amazon offers authors a much more lucrative deal, with royalties reaching up to 70 percent for e-books, 60 percent for print books, and 40 percent for audiobooks on Audible. These favorable terms provide authors with a compelling financial incentive to take the self-publishing plunge.

Navigating Ambitions, Challenges, and Future Plans

Melanie Price’s literary endeavors do not end with ‘The Mother-in-Law’s Secret.’ Her second novel, titled ‘My Perfect Family,’ is eagerly awaiting its release around Australia Day. Price acknowledges the transformative role Amazon has played in democratizing publishing since 2007, enabling countless authors to bypass traditional publication routes and share their stories with the world. However, she cautions that self-publishing is not a magic bullet for literary success. It places the onus of promotional responsibilities squarely on the author’s shoulders, tasks traditionally handled by publishers.

As Melanie Price gears up for the launch of her debut novel, a heartfelt hope resides within her: to witness a reader engrossed in her story, basking in the warmth of Little Manly beach, lost in the captivating world she has created. Her journey from tragedy to self-publishing success is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the transformative power of storytelling, and the boundless opportunities that await those who dare to chase their dreams.

Melanie Price’s literary journey is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring authors everywhere. Her novels, ‘The Mother-in-Law’s Secret’ and ‘My Perfect Family,’ promise to captivate readers with their intricate plots, compelling characters, and thought-provoking themes. As she embarks on this new chapter in her life, Melanie Price carries with her the unwavering support of her readers, eager to witness the unfolding of her literary prowess.


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